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Monthly Notes No.22

by ‘Wig’

St. Cuthbert’s

GOUR HALL AREA (caving Report No.13, Part F) will be on sale on Saturday 19th April 1969.  price 3/-.  The contents include a detailed survey of the area; photographs; R.S.D.; description and survey notes.  The survey includes all known passages in the area.

G.B. Rescue

Many members living in the Bristol area will know already of the rescue from G.B. of a party that had been trapped in the cave overnight 23/24 march.  A team of St. Albans Caving Club entered the cave on Sunday and obeying the instructions locked the entrance gate behind them.  On their return they found that the key would not turn in the lock and while forcing the lock broke the key broke.  The following day one of the wives phoned Geoff Bayne of the ‘Old Vic’ at Priddy to find out what had happened.  Bayne went to the entrance and found the party.  Having determined the trouble, Baynes called the FIRE SERVICE, who after a little trouble managed to prize the door open

Two important questions must be raised regarding this incident that is not unknown on Mendip during the last few years.

  1. Why didn’t the party leave a note with someone to say what time they would be out of the cave?  Of the St. Albans party did they not know the elementary rule of leaving a note with the farmer or at the hut where they were staying, then how many other caving parties on Mendip are doing the same thing?  Have the local ‘pubs’ that ‘take-in’ cavers over the weekend any method of telling where the parties staying with them are at any time? – if they haven’t then it’s time they had.
  2. Why was the Fire Service called at all?  Why wasn’t the M.R.O. called to deal with this simple affair instead of calling an already overworked public service?

St. Cuthbert’s – Rabbit Warren

About 130ft. of new passage has been discovered in the Rabbit warren very near the Railway Tunnel. It consists of a very tight entrance passage leading to two small and very muddy chambers with fine stal. flows along one side.  A passage at one end of the second chamber continues for several feet before degenerating into a very tight bedding plane, the upper end of which ends in a boulder choke. The area has been taped in order to preserve the fine crystal clusters in the basins of some small gours.

Longwood/August Key

Members wishing to visit Longwood/August System can obtain the key from Dave Irwin, 23 Camden Road, Bristol 3.  To ensure that the key arrives in good time for the trip will you contact Dave in good time, at least 14 days notice, so that the key can be sent to you.

O.F.D. III trip.

On the recent trip to O.F.D. III during the Easter weekend, the following tackle was used and should be put on record for other members who may wish to visit this fine system.

2 – 25ft. ladders

2 – 5ft. tethers

2 – 120ft. lifelines

1 – 10ft. ladder

The lifelines and 10ft. ladder are for ‘travelling’ purposes and will be found useful on the many climbs and traverses.


The Editor would like to offer his apologies to all members who have not yet received their B.B.’s for some of the issues of this year.  A number of pages have been running out of print before all of the BB’s could be assembled but the situation should be sorted out in the next few weeks when it is hoped that BB printing methods will be back onto an even footing.

Whitsun Meet In Yorkshire

Camping at Skirwith Farm. The programme of meets include Tatham Wife Hole; Alum Pot; Grange Rigg; in addition a private trip organised by the Dining Room Digging Team will be paying a visit to Black Shiver Pothole.  Kingsdale Master Cave can be visited without prior arrangement.


Several members have requested that the B.B. be sent to them unfolded.  If this is the case will members send addressed envelopes to Dave Smith, Flat 15, 193 Wensley Road, Coley Park, Reading. If you have not received your BB’s for any month then Dave’s the man to contact to find out whether it has been sent to you or not.

Subscription Reminders

This is the last B.B. you will receive unless you have paid your 1969 subscription – remember it was due on 31st January – send it to Bob now (699 Wells Road, Knowle, Bristol 4).