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August/Longwood Key

The key to August Longwood Swallet is available from Dave Irwin.  Members wishing to obtain the key should drop a line to ‘Wig’ and arrangements can be made to let you have it either through the post of at the Waggon on Thursday evenings.

Charterhouse permits are available from Phil Townsend.

It Had To Happen - Blood Chits For Cheddar

The M.N.R.C. now controls access to all caves on the south side of Cheddar Gorge, except the show caves. To enter any of the caves and rock shelters you must first have a permit that has been issued to you by Colin Venus, the caving secretary of the M.N.R.C.

The caves affected by this scheme: -

Cooper’s Hole
Flint Jack’s Cave (R.S.)
Greta Oone’s Hole
Honey Hole (R.S.)
Long Hole
Pig’s Hole (R.S.)
Reservoir Hole
Say’s Hole
Soldiers’ Hole (R.S.)
Sow’s Hole (R.S.)
Totty Pot (R.S.)
White Spot Cave
Whitebeam Slitter Cave

Access to the caves is limited to the period November – March and the ‘Blood Chit’ only covers one for this period – if granted at all!  No digging or the use of explosives in any of the caves and all cavers visiting the caves are held liable for third party claims and the cost of any damage that they may do – in the cave or walking across the land to reach the cave is not clear. The charge levied for each cave that is visited is 1/- per person per cave! – quite an expensive day’s outing.  The real crunch, or nerve, is the statement at the bottom of the blood chit which reads:  this form must be submitted to Mr. Colin Venus…..whereupon consideration will be given to the issue of a permit.  How Venus can access your capabilities as a caver without having been caving with you I’ll never know – still that’s his problem as the restricting access to the caves without gating them.

Because of the loose way in which the ‘blood chit’ has been compiled and the fact that the Hon. Secretary of the M.N.R.C., when contacted recently, knew nothing of the scheme the best advice  that can be given at the moment is don’t sign any paperwork regarding access to the Cheddar Caves.  A meeting is being held in Bristol shortly by the Committee of the Council of Southern Cave Clubs who will no doubt have some advice to give cavers generally of this position.

CRG Meeting

Cave Research Group of Great Britain – SOUTHERN GENERAL MEETING in WELLS

SWAN HOTEL (Ballroom) 4.30pm    Saturday April 19th 1969


4.30      The frequency of Severe Storms over the Mendip Hills, Somerset – Jim Hanwell

4.50      The Ahnenschact – Alan Thomas

5.10      Route Severity Diagrams – ‘Alfie’ Collins

5.30      Aspects of the new St. Cuthbert’s Swallet survey

8.00pm a dinner to be held in the Parrot Room of the Swan.  Tickets from Alan Thomas at 21/- each.  Hurry along and get yours now, numbers are limited!

4.00pm Tea – cost 2/- per head.

B.E.C. Exhibition on Caves and Caving at the Wells Museum for a fortnight from April 14th.  Open daily 10.00am – 6.00pm.  admission 1/6d.