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Hon. Sec: A.R. Thomas, Westhaven School, Uphill, Weston s Mare, Somerset.
Hut Warden: P.Townsend, 154 Syvlia Avenue, Bristol 3.
EDITOR:  D.J. Irwin. 23 Camden Road, Bristol 3.

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Clangers Department

Two errors managed to creep into the November and December issues of the B.B.

NOVEMBER B.B.  ‘Speech Communication,’ page 132, 5th para, line 5 should read: ….and the difficulty in obtaining larger transistors.

DECEMBER B.B. ‘Synthetic ropes,’ page 146, Extension table:


1¼” circ.



1⅜” circ.



1½” circ.



1⅝” - 1¾” circ.


The editor would like to offer his apologies to both authors for these mistakes.

Notes for your Diary

U.B.S.S. Lectures.  These are held in the Geography Lecture Theatre in University Road at 8.15pm.

14th Feb. (Friday) 1969: Assyria by J.G. MacQueel.

3rd March (Monday) 1969: Early Mendip Caving by Dr. E.K. Tratman.

C.R.G. Meetings: -

8th March (Saturday) 1969: Symposium on Cave Photography – details in January (No.250) B.B.  Book with the Secretary, Vaughan College, St. Nicholas Circle, Leicester.

19th April (Saturday) 1969: Southern Meeting, Wells, Somerset.  The B.E.C. are host club.  Lecture details to be announced.

21st June (Saturday) 1969: Northern meeting, Grassington.

Mendip Cave Bibliography for the year 1968.

A valuable piece of work carried out each year by Ray Mansfield and published in the Mendip caver. The work list all articles published by Mendip Clubs and outlines the contents of each.  The bibliography in January 1969 Mendip Caver – copy in the B.E.C. Library.