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Address Changes

M. Baker, 22 Riverside Gardens, Midsomer Nortonm Som.
J.D. Statham, 22 Malleny Ave., Balerno, Midlothian, Scotland

Colour Coding of Caving Tackle used on Mendip

To enable cavers to recognise their club tackle, a colour code was agreed in 1960.  The colour code is still in use today.

Axbridge Caving Group


Bristol Exploration Club


Cerberus Speleo.Society


Mendip Caving Group


Mendip Nature Research Committee


Shepton Mallet Caving Club


University of Bristol Speleo. Society


Wessex Cave Club


Westminster Speleo.Group


Wessex have a colour coding for various lengths of rope in addition to the normal red sleeve.

Cuthberts Guest Leader System.

Since the setting up of Guest leader system for St. CuthbertÂ’s new log sheets are being prepared. This will enable the Guest Leader or any B.E.C. leader, for that matter without a Belfry key, to fill out the caving log form, which will be stored inn the changing room at any time mid-week. The form to be clipped into the CuthbertÂ’s log book as soon as possible.