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with Hedra

Have I got OUTDOORS for Christmas yet? Sez Wig.  Ye gods, I don’t even know what they are doing in October (apart from dine)! However, I do know what Ron Pepper and Dick Loxton did in August.  They were fortunate enough to mop up a W/E’s worth of that extraordinary Northern spell of fine weather, staying at Nant Peris at Mrs. Smiths B and B.

They climbed the Flying Buttress watched the ritual ascents of the Gates and then walked across to see Cloggy because they had never been.  Please, where does the pendule above Curving Crack belong?  Incredible to note that their climb on Idwal Slabs on Sunday was done with a fine film of dust on polished holds.

Pete Sutton too was in Wales and had a number of fine ascents during the week after the main party had left.  He threatens to tell us.  (Do you mean a Climbing article for the BB?  Ed.)

Dave Steel and mates from Aces went to a rather horrid ChamonixMont Blanc was fab however and apparently a complete justification for going wog.  Their stay was curtailed by a crevasse accident which fortunately only cost them money.

Derek Targett has removed a wobbly piton from Mercavity and has been caving.

Some of us have been to lectures and seen pictures by Ken Wilson who has become the new Editor of ‘Mountain Craft’.  This event has given a completely new slant to the magazine.  The slant seem mostly overhanging with Big Gorgeous Pix amongst which ones are those taken on the North Face Direct of the Sondre Trolltind by Baille and Amat and a breathtaking Matterhorn shot by Gerald Lacey.  Yum Yum!  Plenty of interesting information including new climbs.  After reading about how you just had to have Skyhooks, (your actual Yosemite Skyhooks that is) I demanded to see these prior to purchase. Close examination revealed that you can’t afford to sneeze whilst dangling from one of these things and so I quickly explained about my influenza and wondered about walking sticks instead. At half a crown “Mountain Craft” we thought.  So that’s why Mark went up then down the Ordinary Route on Idwal Slabs – in the wet.

Traditionally yours


Notes from Our Man in South Wales… Alan Coase.

Work on the new survey (Grade 6D) has shown that the Lower Series in II is much more under the Upper Series than had been thought.  A water tracing experiment from one of the Waen Fignen Felen sinks gave no connection to the Great North Road, but an apparent connection to the stream in Dali’s Delight. Digging in Hanger Passage is continuing and a break through was recently made into an imposing passage which went round to another corner – to another boulder choke.  Success here could well lead to large extensions to the west towards Sink-y-Giedd.