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By Gordon Tilly

Sheffield University Spel. Soc. Journal Vol. 1 No.2.  This edition contains such articles as ‘The Development of an Inexpensive Flowmeter’ by B. Dobson, ‘Field Telephone Systems’ by S.J. Thompson, and there is also a record of the SUSS visit to Ireland in 1967.  Contents also include descriptions of Bossen Hole, Middleton Dale, Derbyshire and October Aven in Giants Hole complete with surveys.

MENDIP CAVER VOL. 4  No.4  contains results of Phase 3 Water Tracing results by Dave Drew (see June B.B.) and notes from Devon and various cave digs.  Vol.4 No.5 includes a report on the flood damage on Mendip and strangely enough it bears the title ‘Mendip Awash’ which sounds familiar!

WSG Bulletin Vol. 5 No. 10.  This issue deals mainly with club caving log but also has an article on ‘Charging of Nife Cells and the Preparation of Electrolyte’ by Dave Everett.

Monthy Notes No. 17

by ‘Wig’

News in brief: -

French cavers reported to have challenged Pearce (of the Berger) by stating that he only went down 3,696ft. and they have reached 3,749ft.  Pearce replied to Guardian reporter, “You don’t leave footprints on rock”.

St. Cuthbert’s Sump…July flood blocked sump.  Divers and cavers now digging to left of the sump itself. By digging here it is hoped to bypass the constriction that was met by the divers last year.

G.B.  Since the flood reports have been coming in stating that there are several unstable areas in the cave.  It is known that the Ladder Dig Extension ruckle moved during the flood and is now in a more dicey state than it was before.  Also the entrance passage, scoured out by the flood water, is still unstable and beyond the Devil’s Elbow is also another point to watch out for. It has been suggested that the cave is no longer suitable for novices – perhaps it will be best to go and have a look for yourselves in that respect.

CHRISTMAS BB.  All material should be in the hands of the Editor Dave Irwin (Wig) by early November.

Surveys.  A new series of cave surveys is being prepared by club members.  The first will appear in December or January 1968 B.B. All will be to CRG. 6c-d and also maintaining the requirements of the MSC.