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Letter To The Editor

90 Elsden Road,
      22 Aug. 1968

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who were involved in my extraction from Nine Barrows Swallet on 12 May ’68.

My injuries consist of a broken leg and ankle which I am glad to say are progressing satisfactory. I expect to have the plaster removed on September 11th which means that it will probably be mid-October before I can treat you to a pint in the Hunters.

                                    John Benham.

Ed. Note: - Details of this rescue appeared in B.B. 143 p.88.

Address Changes: -

Viv. Brown, 3 Cross Street, Kinswood, BRISTOL.
Keith Franklin, 213 Cheltenham Road, Cotham, BRISTOL 6.
Phil Coles, 213 Cheltenham Road, Cotham, BRISTOL 6.


Time for carbide – Empty coffee tins, marvel tins etc, are required by the club to enable the carbide, held on the Belfry site, to be broken down into suitable weights for sale.


NEXT MONTH IN THE B.B. – articles include BEC climbing meet in the Otztaler Alpen and the Bernina, Address list of club members and a look back to Mendip caving in 1947 in an article entitled ‘So What’ by ‘Senex’.