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Edison and Oldham Lamp Spares.

Most parts of the Edison cell can be obtained from

CASEY BROTHERS, 72 Eccleston Street, Preston, Lancs.

Also in stock limited Oldham parts. – complete list in BEC Library.

West Kingsdale Master Cave.

A new survey has been produced of the Kingsdale Master Cave and can be obtained from Tim Reynolds, 23 Camden Road, Bristol 3.  Price 5/6 including postage.  The survey is printed offset litho and is to CRG. Grade 4.

Late News

Nine Barrows Swallet.  John Cornwell and diggers have re-opened Nine Barrows Swallet.

St. Cuthbert’s Swallet.  (Continuation Chamber): - Phil Kingston and John Riley have inspected a new pool at the upper end of the chamber.  Previously the water could be heard but not seen below the pebbly floor deposits.  After the recent flooding the infilling was so disturbed that a deep pool resulted. After a short time digging away a gravel bank it was found that there was no continuation.

Annual Dinner – Draught beer will be available.