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Monthly Notes No. 16

By ‘WIG’

Notes from Ireland: -

St. Catherine-Doolin System – several hundred feet of passage discovered by the UBSS.  St. Catherines II – first descended by members of S.M.C.C. has been surveyed by Bob Craig (SMCC) and members of Sheffield University.

AILLE RIVER CAVE ( Co. MAYO).  The cave is currently being explored by the Craven P.C. The length is about 1½ miles of deep water passages.  One caver commented that the swim of about 1000ft. made the Green Canal in Dan-yr-Ogof look pretty feeble! Continuation beyond the present network of passages looks almost impossible.  The vertical change between sink and resurgence is only 17ft.

FERGUS RIVER SINK This was again inspected by ‘Wig’ and Bob Craig plus other SMCC and WCC.  After close examination of the sides of the depression a small dig was started in a rift in the field above.  A side rift was found having a depth of 20ft. but with little possibility of continuation.


Axebridge Caving Group has published a Grade 3 survey of their latest discovery – believe it or not- called FOOT AND CRUTCH SWALLET.  Its length is approx. 150ft.  I personally thought the alternative name for Contour Cave (i.e. Sludge Pit) bad enough but Foot and Crutch……!

MINESHAFT at CHARTERHOUSE.  A new mineshaft has opened up midway between Tynings Sink and Reed’s Grotto.  Although is has slumped about three feet on a previous occasion the recent storms caused the shaft blockage to collapse.  The shaft is about 15ft. deep.  At the bottom a passage runs in a N.E. direction for about 200ft. and then N.W. along a fault for some 25ft.  Apart from a few sheep bones there is little of interest to the caver.

The ‘new’ cave (see July BB) in Velvet Bottom is thought to be a mine.

OVERHEARD IN BRISTOL:  Little girl playing with well known BEC caver’s son.

Little girl:  Let’s play mummies and daddies.

Caver’s son:  O.K. I’ll be daddy and I’m going caving.