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Hillgrove Swallet

Latest news is that it is abandoned until the winter.  150ft. of passage discovered.  EMBOROUGH being worked again by Keith Franklin and Phil Coles.

The BEC in Yorkshire

By G.E. Atwell (Fred to some!)

Saturday June 1st 1968, seven members went to Alum Pot.  We did exchange journeys through long Churn – Alan Thomas, though, thought it was far too much like hard work to go through and so went up and down the Main Pitch twice.

On Sunday, we went back to Alum Pot again for ladder practice.  After going up and down the pitch twice I decided to take ‘Buster’ caving. We had a go at Long Churn but did not get far as he (Buster or Fred? Ed) didn’t like the water.

Monday saw us at Long Kin (West) Pot.  Eight people went down.  As matter of interest Pennine Underground is incorrect – for the 1st pitch you need forty feet of ladder instead of twenty.

Wednesday – G.G. Main Shaft. We tethered the ladder in the south east corner.  Alan Thomas (junior) climbed from the bottom to the top in six and a half minutes. There was no trouble with getting the ladder out of the shaft.  Damming was easy as there wasn’t much water going down.  (Phew! Ed).


Well that’s yer lot for this month and so it would be a good idea if your Editor reminded you to send an account of your holidays to him as soon as you are able.  I know that there are three parties going on either caving or climbing holidays and a fourth weegeeing somewhere in Norway and Sweden – so don’t forget – the B.B. readers will be interested in hearing (or rather reading) about your exploits (some at least!)

Next months issue of the B.B. will see the first of a two part article on the Structure of Mendip and the second of Jock Orr’s photographic articles.  In addition will be ‘Sumping by Numbers’, Poem, and the usual items of general interest.

The B.B. is available to non-members at about 1/6d (the price will vary from time to time) and so if you know anybody that isn’t lucky enough to be a member of the BEC and would like to purchase a copy they can get it from Bryan Ellis or the price stated for the month or at a standard rate of 18/- p.p. when they will be added to our mailing list.