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The Climbing Meet for May was scheduled for Cornwall and held in Llanberis by popular request. Present were Pete Sutton, Roy Marshall, Malcolm Holt and Eddy Welch.  A branch meet (Tony Dunn, a previous sec. once defined a meet as two or more members together) happened when Kangy and Mark James didn’t get to North Wales.

With Hedera

The Llanberis party had good weather were able to carry out their planned programme of objectives in accordance with the weekly socialized co-operative meetings of members, nearly. Base camp at the Camp at the Grochan. Phantom Rib, thin and exposed on the Grochan and Yellow Groove on Craig Ddu are both recommended while Nea was followed to a logical conclusion which happened to be the Glyders. Crib-y-Ddysgl was approached from Clogwyn and the ridge followed to Yr Wyddfa then down by the Rwlwal track.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Kangy and Mark awoke in the heart of the Black Mountains, having turned left instead of thundering on to Llanberis. Breakfast was only retrieved by driving back out of the hills to buy baking tins and knives and forks wherewith to cook.  It was obviously to be a non-event of a weekend.  This is where it was not going to happen.  So, strolls  down the Brecon and Monmouthshire Canal, lunch in a boozer, climbing on the Llangattock Quarries (frantic top roping enthusiastically indulged – well it’s loose) caving with a single torch then an enormous P.U. lying underneath the stars, with the lights of Crickhowell below.  A more disciplined Sunday allowed a circuit of Lord Herefords Knob from Capel-y-Ffn.  An easy longish walk with occasional vista.

Crew’s lecture on the Cella Terro in Patagonia was about a non-event.  Interesting only because it was Crew.  It became obvious as the lecture progressed that they weren’t really trying.  You may remember that this was the expedition that was forced by bad conditions to lay siege for months and months and become so unfit that when the weather became fair they were unable to take full advantage of it.  Happily sponsored by the Sunday Times they festered it seems. If you are thrilled by close-ups of sheep’s entrails or lascivious, naked, bearded men, then this is your scene.

Nothing wrong with Uphill, no sheep etc., but a nice little cliff.  A meet, spontaneous and unrehearsed, occurred here on 5th May, when Kangy and Mark James saw Derek Targett and Arthur Cullen and families. Derek and Arthur led off on the smooth Main Face while Kangy and Mark went to the beach for lunch.  It poured with rain during lunch but abated to enable Mark and Kangy to follow an unlisted rib to the right of Apes Ascent. About H.S. or “horrifyingly severe” particularly the bit where you use limestone in compression.  Meanwhile the first party hung out to dry!

Eddy Welch has a message. I must pass it on.  He was going to write a book review, but you know how it is. Anyway, get and read ‘Rock Climbers in Action in Snowdonia’ by John Clare and Tony Smythe.  It’s marvellous.  Eddy sez.


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