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Caving & Climbing Meets June to September


JULY 14th  Sun.            G.B. Including Ladder Dig series

AUTUMN HOLIDAY.       SOUTH WALES – Dan-yr-Ogof and Tunnel Cave

Date to note: -   St. Cuthbert’s Full Scale Practice Rescue – Sunday September 15th 1968

For local caving meets 11 a.m. at cave entrance.

The Autumn Holiday will be camping at Penwylt.

For further information contact Andy MacGregor, The Railway Arms, Station Road, Theale, Reading, Berks.

Climbing Meets: -

June 22/23 North Wales or Lake District.

July 27/28 North Wales or Lake District.

For further information contact Eddy Welch, Frenchay Lodge Bungallow, Malmains Drive, Frenchay, Bristol.

Monthly Notes No. 14

by ‘WIG’



May 12th was quite an event for the B.E.C. Committee – it  - wait – it WENT CAVING!  Wonders will never cease.  The cave – G.B., meeting place – the Stal. Bridge.  When Chairman ‘WIG’ called the meeting to order, watched by several club members, the Minutes Secretary – Phil Townsend regretted that he had forgotten the book and so with the Minutes 15 miles away in Bristol the Committee 200 feet underground the meeting was closed.  The party of 14 split several ways – a group led by ‘Wig’ went to the Ladder Dig Series where it was intended to show Bob Bagshaw the new chamber and Bat Passage.  To Bob’s disgust Wig failed to find the Great Chamber – though one could hear him muttering something about ‘Didn’t have this flaming trouble before’  and the Climbing Secretary sabotaged the route finding to Bat Passage for nearly half an hour by continually asserting that ‘this hole doesn’t go’ – it did.

The remainder of the party toured the ‘old’ cave and on the way out ‘Alfie’ managed to squeeze through and at the same time empty the pools at the Devil’s Elbow even though he was wearing a label on his jacket marked’ ‘sub-standard’.


Recent dive by Savage. He reports that the system beyond Chamber 19 degenerates into a 100ft. long bedding plane only a few inches high. Is this the end?

From The Caving Log

Edited by Phil Coles

10th March –15th May 1968

Over the past two months St. Cuthbert’s has, as usual, proved the most popular cave with 24 trips encompassing a variety of activities including surveying, digging in addition to the many tourist trips.  Swildons came second in popularity with 17 trips; although they were all tourist.

A big push was made by Alan Thomas and Co. on Masebury but mow seems to have petered out, probably due to Alan’s sceptic hand (the result of a trip into Stoke Lane).  Also on the digging scene permission has been granted for work to start again at Emborough Swallet and a dig in Wales is in progress.  The dig is in an area where no cave systems are known.  Geologically the site is very promising (say Roy Bennett and Dave Irwin, whose dig it is) and there is certainly a large stream sinking nearby (it’s 200-300 times the size of Emborough Stream! Ed.)

Other caves visited have been Cuckoo Cleeves, Hunters, G.B., Nine Barrows, Sidcot, Goatchurch and Stoke Lane.  On foreign soil there have been trips to OFD. Long Kin West and Simpsons.  One of the G.B. trips was attended by most of the Committee (minus Caving Sec who was working and Hon. Sec who was caving in Derbyshire) and the highlight of the visit was ‘Wigs’ failure to find Great Chamber in the Ladder Dig Series!

The past two months has seen two rescues.  The first in Sidcot was relatively a minor affair – some bod became stuck in the 30ft. rift but was extracted by a BEC party led by Robin Richards.  The second in Nine Barrows was a more serious incident. A member of the East Somerset Caving Club was climbing in Crystal Chamber when he slipped, fell and broke his ankle.  His fall was broken by his cousin standing below him and prevented him falling on down into the 10ft. pot in the floor of the chamber.  The MRO were called out and Luke Devenish directed surface operations. Don Thomson went down and set the ankle in plaster.  The subject was able to help himself with his arms enabling the rescue to go smoothly apart from the fact that the squeeze approaching Crystal Chamber needed widening. He was out of the cave in about 2 hours.