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by Gordon Tilly

Mendip Caver Vol. 3 No.12.  March 1968.

A 14 page edition, presumably to celebrate to celebrate the completion of the third volume.  It contains reports on digging in St. Cuthbert’s Sump and Dining Room and Hunters Hole, (both these reports have been extracted and adapted from the original B.B. reports).  A survey of recent work carried out by the C.S.S. in Holwell follows. Also included are descriptions of some East Devon caves with six pages of surveys.  The January edition of the B.B. is one of the Club Journals features in the review section on Page 150.

WESSEX CAVE CLUB JOURNAL VOL. 10.  No.115. Feb. 1968.

The main features of this edition are: - the report of the clubs A.G.M., “The New Survey of Read’s Cavern” by W.I. Stanton, “Early Days in Read’s Cavern” by Dr. E.K. Tratman, “Discovery of Browne-Stewart Series – Read’s cavern” by C.H. Kenny, and finally “A Caving Holiday in Rumania” by Tony Aldham.


Continuing the saga of the discovery of Contour Cavern.  This newsletter contains a reprint of Clive North’s article that appeared in the January B.B.

N.P.C. Newsletter No.24.  February 1968.

Contains the usual club news, a report on the C.R.G. Symposium on cave Hydrology and water Tracing, a list of members, etc.

EXETER U.S.S. Newsletter Vol.4.  No.4  March 1968.

If you like reading letters to Harold Bear, A Girls Guide to Mendip, The Dirty Dozen and their experiences sleeping in the Eastwater Hut with a slight caving interest by the mention of Longwood, wetsuits and Christmas Crawl followed by the words of the song ‘Down Below’, then this is the paper for you.  Nuf said.