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Letters to the Editor

Dear Irwin,

In the north corner of Rookham Wood, in 1933, there is a nice little climbing shaft which I descended (Back and Knee).  It is surrounded by 4 trees – at its base there is a right hand turn to another steeply descending sledge-way, boxed with wood, leading down some 40ft. or more; as far as I went being on my own.

Mr. Balch told me ‘that there were several deep shafts lower down the valley towards the Rookham Spring.’ But I did not find them.

Yours sincerely,
Gerald Platten.  16/3/68


Dear Sir,

During recent weeks conversation in certain quarters of the club has turned to the purchase of a barn on the opposite of the Cuthbert’s depression from the Belfry site (some people have expresses themselves very forcefully).

I do not at this stage propose to go into the Why’s and Wherefores concerning the Committees decision to purchase the Barn except to say that at the time I thought it was the right thing to do.  The reasons were: - a) it would giver us extra accommodation and b) and investment.

Since then however, the Long Term Planning Committee have produced their excellent report and had their plans approved for the New Belfry at the last A.G.M.

The questions now remain: - What are we going to do with the barn?  Is it worth spending money on?  Now that we have purchased the barn should we demolish it and use the stone work and wood for our own purposes and try to sell the land to someone prepared to obtain the necessary planning permission to erect a building of some sort?

My own view is that we must take the cheapest way out by demolishing the building and using the materials for the New Belfry.  Whether we keep the land or not is immaterial at this stage.  What is important is that we should not waste money which could otherwise be used for the New Belfry.

G.D. Tilly  16/3/68

Wedding Bells

From B.E.C. members everywhere “Very best wishes” to Joyce and Pete Franklin who were married in Bristol on Saturday 30th March.

Members may be interested to know that at long last the B.E.C. contingent north of the Border has contacted the B.B. with news of their most recent activities – well part of them at any rate!  Most will remember that we lost some of the regular visitors to Mendip last year when John Manchip, Steve Grime, Pete McNab (Snab to most) and Derm. Statham went north to Edinburgh in search of their fortunes.  Here is what they have been doing.