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B.E.C. Caving Expedition 1985

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Recent theories on the structure of the Moon suggest a highly porous surface layer ‘honeycombed with caves of all sizes, by comparison the greatest grottoes of the Earth are mere pinholes!

…from a recent issue of The New scientist.


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Monthly Notes No.12

by ‘WIG’

Council Of Northern Caving Clubs:-

Address changes –

ASS. SEC. responsible for meets on Leck, Casterton and Fountains Fell:-
                        J. Morgan, 23 Runnington Ave., Colne, Lancs.

ASS. SEC. for Penyghent, Fountains Fell (except Mr Coates’ land) and Mongo Gill:-
                        J. Rasdell, 6 Monkroyd Ave., Barnoldswick, Colne, Lancs.

C.R.G. Library.

All British periodicals are being transferred to Mr. P.A. Haigh of Halifax.  Enquiries should still be address to Brig. E.A. Glennie.

New Digging Spades.

The Committee have purchased 2 lightweight spades that should take the backache out of constricted digging.  Being much shorter and smaller it is easier to manoeuvre.  If these are found to be satisfactory by the digging teams then more will be purchased.

Austria – The Ahnenschacht 1968

Members interested in going to Austria to have a bash at bottoming this great shaft should contact Alan Thomas as soon as possible.  The trip is planned for sometime in August.  Also, if anyone is interested in another trip to Greece Alan is prepared to organise a trip to the very deep shaft – about 2,000ft. –Proventina. Again get in contact with Alan as soon as possible.

Cuthbert’s Report – the position.

Exploration of S. Cuthbert’s. – Is in for its final re-write.
COMPLETE SURVEY & SECTIONS – Will not be complete until 1969.
NEW & OLD ROUTES – Survey nearing completion.
MAIN CHAMBERS – Line survey only.
RABBIT WARREN – All survey lines complete. 50% detailed.
GOUR HALL – Final drawing completed.
CERBERUS & MAYPOLE SERIES – Both surveys complete except for minor passages.  Drawings not started.
RABBIT WARREN EXT. & CATGUT – Line survey only.
SEPTEMBER SERIES – Line survey only.
LONG CHAMBER AREA – Line survey through the main route only.
CORAL AND ROCKY BOULDER SERIES – Only partially surveyed.

Other parts of the report in various stages of preparation.

Length of passage so far surveyed nearly 11,500ft.

The depth of the cave to the sump = 411.9ft.

Cuthbert’s Tourist Trips.

Leaders are reminded that all visitors to the cave are charged 1/- tackle fees – except when they are on working trips.  Since the cave was re-opened in January it has been a regular event to hear of someone being pulled up the Entrance Rift.  Recently two parties from a University Club had nearly 50% of their number pulled or assisted up the rift.  It must be pointed out once again that Cuthbert’s is definitely not a novice cave and club secs. planning visits to the cave should make sure that all their members have sufficient experience.

Happenings At The Belfry

March at the Belfry has been a month of gradual recovery from two months fester.  Not only has climbing and caving been on the increase – several members have lent a hand and preliminary work for the new Belfry got underway.  The first job was the re-piping of the Drinking pool stream way.  The old pipes were replaced with larger, and stronger, concrete pipes.  Alongside the pipes was laid a telephone cable for communication between the Belfry and the cave below in times of emergency etc.  It also is now in a much safe position – before it was slung ‘high’ over the Belfry track and attached to the clothes line post.  Unfortunately it wasn’t high enough because it almost threw Walt Foxwell from his tractor!  What did I hear you say?......

On 16th March, Fred Owen and his bulldozer cut a track along the inside of the Belfry site south boundary. This will provide a separate approach to Walt Foxwell’s small holding at the rear of the Belfry resulting in a cleaner car parking area.  The total cost of this exercise is reported to be in the region of nearly £60.

St. Cuthbert’s Swallet (Mendip!)

The water from the Main Stream that flows into the pool under Cerberus Hall has now been proved to flow on into the Lake.  Although not proven presumably on back-up cave to the static sump that lies under Curtain Chamber.  After all the arguments that took place before the final test Roger Stenner must be pleased with himself in proving his ideas to be correct.