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Cavers Bookshelf No. 3

by B.M. Ellis

University of Bristol Speleological Society Proceedings.  Vol. 11. No.2.  1966 – 1967. Price 13/-.

This publication reports on both the archaeological and speleological activities of the society and although at first sight this appears to be a good thick volume for the price, closer examinations shows that only a third is of interest to the caver. In the 111 pages there are only two caving articles, one on the geomorphology of Longwood Swallet, and the other on the Little Neath River Cave in South Wales.  The remainder consists principally of two long articles of archaeological interest; the Priddy Circles are described by Dr. Tratman, and the excavations carried out at Gatcombe by Dr. Cuncliffe.  If the speleological third could be obtained at one third of the price it would be extremely good value but the economics pf printing don’t work that way unfortunately. Although this is not possible, both of the caving articles are at present available as off prints at 5/- each and for most cavers this would be the best value.

Atkinson’s paper on Longwood Swallet continues the work done in other caves by Dr. Ford.  It describes the structural geology, geomorphic history and modern hydrology in the system.  As regards the Little Neath River Cave the Society are to be congratulated on producing a report giving a description, geological notes and a grade 5 survey within 12 months of the discovery of the cave.  Other clubs could very well copy this example.  All measurements are given in metric units which takes some getting used to but this is something we shall have to do very soon.

CRAVEN POTHOLE CLUB JOURNAL.  Vol.4, No.1.  (1967). Price 10/6.

For nearly 20 years the C.P.C. Journal has been one of the ‘quality’ caving magazines, this issue is no exception.  In fact with 80 pages it is one of the largest they have ever produced and by accepting advertisements they have kept the price down.  There is the usual range of articles which should be found interesting although admittedly there are none of special interest to the Mendip caver. There is a description of the discovery and exploration of the Aille River Cave, articles on caving in Africa and New Zealand, various meet reports, book reviews (including the only complimentary one yet seen for ‘History of Mendip caving’) and expedition reports to various foreign lands, as well as some more general articles.


(Autumn 1967)  Price 1/-

Like many club magazines, this has a strong club flavour and some of the content deals with club affairs. This is a ‘complaint’ of almost all caving publications (with notable a few exceptions) but then you can’t go very wrong at a shilling!  And this is much better than most ‘school’ club journals.  What is more, the money from any sales is donated to the Mendip Cave Registry.  This issue, in addition to several club trip reports, a report of their A.G.M, etc, does have an account of a further expedition to Norway which includes descriptions of several caves.

Caving and Climbing Meets


Mar. 10, Sun



Bridge Cave & O.F.D. I & II.

April 21, Sun.

Practice Rescue – Coral Chamber.

May 12, Sun.

G.B.  (Committee MUST attend – Pints Rule).


Disappointment Pot & others to be arranged.



Further information from:-

The Caving Secretary,


R.A. MacGregor,


The Railway Arms,


Station Road,




Reading, Berks.


Mar. 24, Sun.

Frome Valley.

April 28, Sun.

Wye Valley.

May 18/19


June 22/23

North Wales or Lake District.



Further information from:-

The Climbing Secretary,


E.G. Welch,


Frenchay Lodge Bungalow,


Malmains Drive






LONG TERM PLANNING. :-  ‘Alfie’ will be giving a short report in the April B.B.


TACKLE STORE KEYS are held by: - Dave Irwin, Andy MacGregor, Norman Petty, Dave Searle (for mid-week caving), Alan Thomas and Gordon Tilly.