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Hon. Sec: - A.R. Thomas, Westhaven School, Uphill, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset
Editor: - D.J. Irwin, 23 Campden Road, Bristol. 3.
BEC PUBLICATIONS: - B.M. Ellis, ‘Knockauns’, Combwich, Nr. Bridgwater, Somerset


All members requesting their first C.C.C. Period Permit should complete the indemnity Form and hand it to Phil Townsend, 154 Sylvia Ave., Bristol 3.  He will issue a Period Permit that is valid for ONE YEAR only.

Members already holding Period Permits should check and ensure that they are still valid.  The early permits were issued in 1964 and have a 3 year expiration period.

People holding Period Permits but are not members of either Member of Affiliated clubs have not the necessary insurance cover.  They are very definitely not allowed in any of the cave systems with a Period Permit. They can however obtain a Temporary Permit and go caving as guests of a Member Club.

The key for August/Longwood is kept by the Hut Warden (G.  Tilly) and is for the use of B.E.C. members only; the key should not be let to members of other clubs under any circumstances.  The loss of the key will mean that the club will have to replace the lock and the entire set of keys now held by Member Clubs – the cost will be in the region of £4.

Dr. E.K. Tratman has retired from the post of Hon. Secretary of the C.C.C. after seven years.  The new secretary is Tim Hodgson, 19 Alfred Place, Kingsdown, Bristol.

ACCESS TO G.B., Read’s Grotto and Tyning’s Great Swallet.  Members visiting these systems should use the new gateway to the field alongside the road from Charterhouse to Tyning’s Farm at Grid ST 47655631.  NO OTHER ROUTE MEY BE USED.  The road and long Barn can only be used with the permission of the new owner of Lower Farm – when it is sold.

Foot and Mouth

The northern part of the Peak District National Park is now in a controlled area, but this does not mean that precautions against the spread of foot and mouth disease should be relaxed. In and near infected areas walking, climbing, caving, ski-ing and angling is strongly discouraged on farm land to which stock have access.  It will be appreciated that open moor lands come within this category.  People from the rural parts of infected areas should be particularly discouraged from going on farm land elsewhere.

The Peak Park south of Bakewell and Buxton is still in an infected area, and visitors are asked to keep away.  There have been five outbreaks near the National Park boundary in the last five days, so the situation is still critical.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food; The National Farmers Union and the Peak Planning Board wish to thank the public for their co-operation but emphasise that their efforts could easily be wasted if they were to relax too soon, and would urge patience for a little longer.  The situation is being kept under constant review.

It is reiterated that visitors to the whole of the Peak National Park are asked to avoid all agricultural land, moor land and footpaths.

Joint Statement issued by: -

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Nottingham.
National Farmers Union, Chesterfield.
Peak Park Planning Board, Bakewell.
15th February. 1968.

Quote: -

“There are more good caves in the USA than in the whole of Europe” (R. McKenny – Here’s England).

Persistent Damage in St. Cuthbert’s

Just over a year ago the large white stal. flow in the passage below ‘T’ Junction Chamber was badly smeared with mud.  Later Tony Meaden and others scrubbed the flow clean.  Tony reports that it has been badly dirtied again and he adds, “There is no need to touch it at all” (I fully agree. Ed.).  This is no one else’s fault but the leader of the party.  We all know that the Rabbit Warren extension is one of the more sporting routes through the cave but please need the parties go at express train speed through this section of the cave that has so many fine formations many of which are particularly vulnerable.

B.B. Developments

Photographs and Surveys can be printed by offset litho.  Those sending photographs (black and white only) should ensure that the prints are very contrasty.