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Foot And Mouth

The recent outbreak of Foot and Mouth (known as Hoof and Gob to some) did not reach the Mendip area, although there was a scare, when cattle at a farm just north of Bristol was suspected of having the decease, on Christmas Eve.

It appears that your Committee made the right decision by keeping the Belfry open to members living outside the restricted areas.  Other clubs made similar arrangements though some ‘closed’ their huts to members.

Caving Again!

Certain caves are open again following the Foot and Mouth outbreak.  At the time of writing (7-2-68) the following caves are open: -

1.                  a).  Burrington area.

2.                  b).  Charterhouse area.

3.                  c).  St. Cuthbert’s, Hunters Hole and Cuckoo Cleeves in the Priddy area.  Swildons Hole is NOT yet open.

Members wishing to visit any other cave should first contact the farmer before crossing fields. Remember to use foot baths if they are provided at the farm entrances.

Practice Rescue - St. Cuthbert’s.

The Wire Rift practice (Jan.21st.) organised by Keith Franklin was a complete success.  It had been thought the rift would have produced problems that could have been overcome by special equipment.  ‘Prew’ and Mike Palmer laid a telephone wire from the Belfry so that a complete log of events could be made.  Pete Franklin played the ‘victim’ so well that he is applying for a job as an instructor at the R.A.D.A.

The Club Needs Your Dollar

For the small sum of 5/- a week (two pints of beer) for three years YOU could help rebuild a new permanent Belfry – why not sign a Bankers order right away.  More details from Bob Bagshaw.

Annual Dinner & AGM – October 5th. 1968.

Make a note in your diary now.

January Committee Meeting

Main points discussed were a) Long Term Planning.  b) Foot and Mouth – it was decided to await the C.C.C. action.  c) B.B. – changes of format and cover design.  Cuthbert’s Guest Leader system – several clubs had replied and a meeting to be held in the near future.

Useful Addresses

Hon. Sec: - A.R. Thomas, Westhaven School, Uphill, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset
Editor: - D.J. Irwin, 23 Campden Road, Bristol. 3.
TACKLE MASTER – N. Petty, 12 Bankside Road, Brislington, BRISTOL.
PUBLICATIONS – B. Ellis, ‘Knockauns’, Combwich, Bridgwater, Som


January 21st. – does that ring a bell?  It’s well known that it’s the last day of January but did you know it is also the time that the BEC SUBSCRIPTION is due?  Come on cough up.  Remember 25/- (under 18’s 15/-) and when you send it to Bob also enclose your membership card for endorsement.  To please Bob even more send a S.A.E. so he can return the membership card immediately.

Thanks From the Thanks Department

Many thanks to Juliet Parker for typing the January B.B. and to Barry Wilton for arranging the printing of the B.B. covers so quickly.

Late News

Members having a note of importance can get it into the B.B. providing that it is no longer than 150 words and in the hands of the Editor by the Saturday evening prior to the 1st. Sunday of the month.

All other material should be received by the Editor at least two weeks before printing.

Easy Recognition

In the past it has been difficult to locate any particular B.B. quickly.  It has meant searching through a pile of B.B.’s and looking inside the front cover to find the issue number.  To make things easier the B.B. number and month of issue is now typed in the top left hand corner of the first page.  Members wanting to use this as a quick reference need only fold over the back corner of the cover.

Christmas Puzzle

Only one answer was received – from Tony Meaden.  He has not found the most efficient method (which only needs a single question asked three times) but he will be bought a pint by Alfie when the occasion arises.

Address Changes: -

R. Broomhead, 14 Cedar Park, Stoke Bishop, Bristol. 9.
I.M. Daniels, ‘Handsworth’, Pilgrims Bay, Chilham, Canterbury, Kent.
T.H. Hodgson, 19 Alfred House, Kingsdown, Bristol.
D.J. Irwin, 23 Camden Road, Bedminster, Bristol.
W.J. Smart, c/o Richard Costain (CE) Ltd., N.E. Aprons Contract, Central Complex, Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, Middx.