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No, it is not Christmas again. Neither is it some national day of rejoicing, like the Editor’s birthday or the thousandth anniversary of the founding of the B.E.C. in Saxon times by Aleburp the Unsteady.  If the nine page size of the B.B. is celebrating anything, it must be the wonderful amount of material which, at the moment, is coming in from members and others.

Instead of keeping some of this for next month, it is nearly all being printed now, in the hope that this upsurge of writing is not a flash in the pan, but might actually lead to a bigger B.B. on a regular thing.

The diversity and standard of the material is again very encouraging to an editor who has been half starved for too long.  As a result, you will find in this B.B. two articles describing the new work in Mendip caves; extracts from the Caving Log; a description of the last Climbing Section’s trip to Cornwall, besides features such as ‘Stalagmite’ and Sett’s monthly problems.  The odd notice and book review completes the B.B. and the two caving articles are illustrated with maps.

With the proposed advent of a national caving magazine, the future of club magazines may well seem open to question, apart from their value as newsletters.  On the other hand, club magazines should reflect the particular club they serve and, if this present production of good material continues, there should be no worry as to the place of the B.B. in the future scheme of things.