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Yes, unless something has occurred since these words were written, your eyes are not deceiving you - the B.B. is a pale blue colour.

The reason is not political. It is merely due to the fact that to obtain greater opacity without greater cost, a tinted paper is the answer and, of all the colours tried out, blue seemed to be the most opaque.  Not quite true, on second thoughts - a vivid orange colour was best, but we decided to spare your feelings!

Again, if rash prediction is correct, this should be the biggest B.B. ever to have been printed - bigger in fact than some issues of the Wessex Journal.  Whether the quality is as good is, as they say, open to doubt. At the time of writing, we have no cover so what you have just been looking at (if anything!) is a mystery to us at present and since this is being written only one week from the publication date, this is causing a headache at present!

However, we hope these and other problems will be solved in time, and take this opportunity, as is our custom at this time of the year to wish all club members; all B.B. readers and all cavers everywhere..

A Merry Christmas

The Day Expert Potholer Became Trapped In A Chair

From the daily mail of Friday, November 15th, the following article appeared: -

It took 90 minutes to rescue caving expert Alan Keene when he got stuck in a chair.

Mr. Keene, 19 was giving a demonstration of the way an experienced potholer should crawl through narrow rock passages.  He wriggled himself halfway through the chair, then could not move.

A crowd of 100 Exeter University students at the Murray Hall to watch the demonstration cheered as members of the University Caving Society set to work to free him.

FIRST they tried to dismantle the chair with a screw driver as coffee was served to Mr. Keene.  THEN a student fetched a hacksaw, but a plan to free Mr. Keene by sawing the chair to pieces was vetoed by the warden.

THEN Mr. Keene had his clothes removed, but still he was stuck.  FINALLY he escaped by being covered in soap.

Mr. Keene said last night, “I'll never live this down.  It would not have been so bad if I'd not been a potholer myself but who would have thought I'd have got stuck in a chair”.

Certainly-not us! and we hope Mr. Keene will forgive what follows - a bit of gentle chair leg pulling