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Weekend in North Wales

(19th – 21st October, 1962)

by Roy Bennett.

In spite of last minute changes in plan, fifteen people ascended into the Peterborough and Wellingborough Mountaineering Clubs jointly owned hut at Yefnant near Bethesda.  Difficulty was experienced by some in locating this, but the hut, which was comfortable and commodious, was worth the trouble and coped reasonably well with the influx plus about a half a dozen of the owner members.

Saturday dawned clear, tempting some members out of bed at the unusual hour of eight am and eventually the entire expedition assembled in Ogwen for various purposes.  Messrs Turner, Keys, Bater, Petty and Sybil went walking, Mike and Lourie ascending Tryfan and Crib Goch with intermediate motor transport, while the Tucks and Bennetts ascended Glyder Fawr via the (I can't read Roy's writing! Ed).

Meanwhile, Messrs Marriott, Mossman, Sandall with Mrs's Bater and Sandall led by the invincible Anthony J. Dunn attacked chasm route on Glyder Fach.  Some difficulty was experienced by some on a little obstacle known as the Vertical Vice, but after considerable effort all appeared on the summit. At this point Tony, Alan and Mo decided to walk back to the hut via Y Garn etc as the way appeared easy and the map distance insignificant.  When the remainder of the party returned to the hut, an enquiry from one of the owner members indicated that darkness would fall ere they returned.  Consternation almost reigned and it was wondered if the B.E.C. could stand the simultaneous loss of three committee members.  The Tucks and Bennetts rapidly departed to the house of Stafford in case a rescue party should be required and John undertook to ring up the Mountain Rescue first thing Monday morning if necessary.  However, all was well and the summit party returned to base under their own steam after traversing numerous bogs (vegetable) and other obstacles with consummate ease.


Sunday also proved rainless and was again spent in Cgwen.  Some traversed Tryfan South to North and Sybil had a bad moment on the mountain.  The climbers did various routes on Bochnydd Buttress of increasing difficulty but no one actually fell off and the assembled company made for home after a very enjoyable weekend.