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Caving Log

(Trips of interest extracted from the B.E.C. Caving Log by Mike Luckwill.)

On the 27th of June, John Cornwell led a trip of 11 people down Stoke Lane.  This is a record for recent times.  He reports, 'A nice wet trip with lots of brown things in the stream!'

Also on the 27th, Mikes Palmer & Wheadon, with Albert Francis and John Swift investigated, ‘Lots of disappointing rifts in Victory Passage which we were rather optimistic about.’ They report the result of this investigation in September Series as being 'lots of loops'.  Again on the 27th, John Ransom did a trip as a weegee to Kent's Cavern.  He describes it as 'very interesting and colourful'.

Mike Holland and three visitors report from Cuthbert’s on Whit Monday descended to Dining Room and out via Rat Run.  On the way out of the Wire Rift, the wire finally gave way under the weight of El Grosso and was coiled up in a tangled mass at the top of the rift.’

On June 12th, Mike Baker, Mike Boon, John Cornwell plus two others did a photographic trip to Cascade Chamber, while Mike Boon investigated the sump.  When lying full length in it, he couldn't get his boot upright.

The Swildons Diving Op on the second of June consisted of divers Mike Thompson, Fred Davies, Mike Boon and Steve Wynn-Roberts with a support party of - Mike Holland, Bob Pyke, Ron Teagle, Jim Giles, B. Johnson, D. Turner and several M.N.R.C. types.  The support party entered the cave and rigged the pitches and proceeded to sump IV.  A second support party and the divers went to sump II when the divers continued downstream and were, met by the support party in Series IV. Marriott, Holland, Pyke and Turner assisted the divers to sump VI while the remainder left the cave.  Holland and Marriott left shortly after leaving Pyke and Turner to operate the kitchen for the divers.  The divers succeeded in passing sump VI and entering Series VII (with the exception of-Davies whose equipment snagged up in sump VI at a constriction).  In Series VII, preliminary exploration was carried out and a rough survey made.  Sump VII was inspected and reported to be 'tightish'.  For further details see’ S.M.C.C. Journal.

A working party in Priddy Green was held on the 19th of June and consisted of Mike Boon, D.A. "Grassy" Greenwood and B.T. Taylor.  The party removed debris produced by Mike Thompson's recent banging.

A Cuthbert's party of Jim Giles, Grassy Greenwood and D. Smith wrote 'Taking advantage of M. Boon's good work in clearing the duck, a further examination of the terminal sump was carried out.  Conclusions reached: Sump and side passages very unpromising.’  J. Eatough's Maypole: Three sections moved to the bottom of the Entrance Rift while remaining section left at Kanchenjunga.  Found the boulder wedged in top of rift to be an interesting addition to the sport of the ‘Entrance Rift’.

On the First of July, a very large party went down G.B. on a photographic trip.  J. Cornwell, A. Collins, T. Philpott, A. Sandall, J. Lamb, J. Wathen, Graham & Julie Robinson, Mike Baker, R. Jarman, G. Tilley, D. Smith, N. Petty, B. Robins, N. White, C. King, D. Ager, P. Board, T. Blanchard and four others.  The aim was to take photographs for the photographic competition.

On the 6th of July, Richard Roberts and R. Croft did a trip to the Maypole Series and Main Stream Passage in Cuthbert’s collecting water Samples and bugs.  The next day, Mikes Wheadon and Palmer with Albert Francis and Dave Stevenson went dawn to Sugar Bowl Chamber after moving the boulder in the Entrance Rift.  They report that they ‘managed to bring walls of Sugar Bowl Chamber down (literally) around our ears.  There is no longer a hole in the floor but through ruckle leads back to Quarry Corner.’ The same day, Mike Luckwill, John Cornwell, Sally Featherstone did a tourist trip round Cascade, Fingers, Cerberus and Rat Run.  John Cornwell reports shattered after early morning exercise with some athletic types.

On the 11th of July, during a tourist trip to September Series, consisting of P.M. Giles, R. Williams and  G. Bell, the telephone line between Kanchenjunga and Pillar Chamber was removed and left coiled at the entrance to Pillar Chamber.  The same day a well in Flax Bourton was investigated by R. Bennett, N. Petty, K. & P. Franklyn and S. Tuck.  The well proved to be some twenty feet deep with five feet of water in the bottom and no apparent way through.  Ten feet down, a passage was revealed after removing deading.  R. Bennett explored it for some fifteen to twenty feet.  The air was bad and it ended in a tight rift.  The first part of the passage appeared to be mined and not natural.

On the 29th July, M. Baker, N. Petty, J. Cornwell and R. Bagshaw went down Cuthbert’s.  M. Baker and J. Cornwell went digging in Cerberus Series in a small solutional passage and reported easy digging but an awful large amount of 'sand'.  R. Bagshaw and N. Petty fixed up a new rawlbolt on the Water Chute to secure the chain.

The September issue of " Cuba", which was sent to most of our members contained an article entitled "Estalagmitas de Geiser" written by Professor Antonio Nunez Jimenez and was accompanied by some excellent photographs and drawings.  The article which follows attempts to provide a partial summary and report of Professor Jimenez's findings.