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The Education of H.M. Forces

On Tuesday, 13th of November, a team of speleologists, all experts comprising of John Cornwell, Sybil Bowden-Lyle and myself, undertook the arduous journey into Wogland accompanied by stout hearts, unwavering devotion to duty and a good supply of cigarettes.

The object of this expedition was to educate the uninitiated wogs (i.e. those stationed at Compton Bassett doing penance for the queen) in the arts of caving and the like.

The ceremony was held in an establishment known as "The Tenants Club" which is in effect a luxurious type of N.A.A.F.I.  A slide show and lecture were presented by John Cornwell and were received with great enthusiasm.  The slides were of the highest possible standard whilst the lecture was most enlightening

Sandwiches, and the always sought after beer were provided by our hosts afterwards.  The expedition made a slight detour on the way home to partake of some of "Gaff" Fowler's coffee.