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In accordance with tradition, an attempt each year to make the Christmas edition of the B.B. larger than normal.  Equally in accordance with tradition, this page is written long before it is know whether or not we   shall have succeeded.  It only remains to hope that we have and to wish all club members and all readers:-

A Very Happy Christmas


The B.B. questionnaire was filled in and returned by a gratifyingly large number of members. The editor would like to thank all those who replied.  In view of this, no apology is made for taking up an amount of space in this B.B. to explain what your views were; how they differed from what is published now, and what we are going to do about this in the future.


DON'T FORGET the removal of cutlery & crockery from the Belfry on January 1st.  Also the removal of unwanted gear from the Belfry and site.

Questions Department.

What is Priddy Round House? It is marked on the six inch O.S. map in the middle of a field to the left of and almost at the top of Nine Barrows Lane. N.G.R.532524.   It is marked as a building and, as its name suggests, is circular in shape.  If one visits the spot (or as near to it as can be judged from the map without taking measurements, there is a roughly circular patch of stinging nettles which may mark the spot.  Perhaps some of our archeologically minded readers may know the answer?  It certainly had me slightly intrigued when I saw it on the map, as I could not imagine the use to which a rather small round building could be put, sited in the middle of a field and apparently not connected with any other buildings.  If anyone knows the answer we shall be pleased to print a reply in next month's B.B. as, even if it is unconnected with caving or archaeological activities, it is good to know as much as possible about the area in which we spend so much of our time.


A fund is being organised for Jack Waddon's widow, Dorothy and the children. Similar funds are being organised by various other caving clubs and the aim is to collect a really respectable sum of money. All donations should be sent or given to R.J. Bagshaw, 699 Wells Road, Knowle, Bristol 4.   We are sure that members of the club will give generously to this fund.