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This Christmas number of the B.B. not only marks the first such number to be produced in the new smaller format, but also celebrates the Christmas number of the Club’s Silver Jubilee year and the tenth anniversary of the first Christmas number of the B.B. The heading on this page is taken from the front of that number – No. 41 for Christmas 1950.

We have therefore tried, not only to produce a bigger B.B., but also, we hope, a more neatly printed and better laid out and printed number to mark the occasion.  If we actually succeed in this you, we hope, will be pleased and we shall be amazed.

In any cases, we hope that this B.B. will serve to while away the odd moment before opening time and, as we usually say about this time of the year.

We wish all Club Members, other Readers, and all Cavers everywhere, A Very Merry Christmas.

December Committee Meeting

At the December meeting of the committee, David Drew was admitted as an associate member.  The Caving Secretary reported that he was arranging a trip to the back of Gough’s cave.  This will be announced in the B.B. when details are known.  The Christmas covers for the B.B. are being printed by Garth. It was also reported by Alfie that the club ties should shortly be arriving.  Other business dealt with included new tackle, M.R.O. arrangements, progress on the new hut and other details.

November Committee Meeting

At the November meeting of the committee, Dave Causer and Jim Giles were admitted to full membership of the club.  It was agreed to reduce the rate for hiring the club tent.  Other items dealt with included the authorising of a further 5,000 B.B. covers, to the three colour design used at present, the arrangements for the club tie and the inclusion of a final reminder to members whose subs were still outstanding.

Do You Want?

A club car badge?  A club tie?  Back numbers of the B.B.?  Caving Reports?  B.B. Digest No.1?  Some books to read?  Caving Lamp Spares?

All those things are available through the club.  See Bob Bagshaw for Ties and Car Badges, Alfie for B.B. spares &c and ‘Mo’, Sett or Alfie for lamp spares.  See John Ifold for Library books ROUND AT REDCLIFFE HALL on the first Thursday of the month or the assistant librarian.  Books may be borrowed from John Ifold by Post.


You May Now Hire The Club Tent For 1/- Per Person Per Night!!