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Annual Dinner.

As you will see from the enclosed form the Annual Dinner, it will be held in the Star Hotel Wells on 28th. January 1956, at 7.0pm. for 7.30pm.  Please fill in the form and return as soon as possible.

A coach will run from Redcliffe, Bristol to Wells and will return to Bristol afterwards.  The fare is 3/-.  Please send to the Hon. Sec. for tickets.

An Instalments Plan is now open for the Club Dinner. Payments of 2/- and upwards will be accepted by the Hon. Sec.


It will be of interest to Club members that our worthy Librarian has been sleeping alone in a tent with a rhinoceros of undetermined sex!  It was about 22,000 years old and he helped to dig it out, of Minchin Hole in Gower.


Additions to Club Library.

Axbridge Caving Group Journal mVol.2 No.4.
Castles of Great Britain.
Roman Britain.
Sheffield University Mountaineering Club Cave Research Bulletin N0.2.

Newsletters of: -

B.C. & C.C. Vol.4 No.8 Sept. 1955.
S.W.C.C. No.13 Sept. 1955.
N.S.S. The News. Vol.13 No.9 Sept. 1955.


I must apologise for the lateness of this issue, and secondly for the size of it.  I have been out of Bristol on a course for the last four weeks and rather than delay the BB more still I have cut out one page for this issue only

Next month will be the usual Xmas ‘Double’ number, in which I hope to make up for the short measure this time.



To Betty, wife of W.J. Shorthose B. Sc., the gift of a daughter.

Wallis – Jackson, on 15th. October at St. Mary’s Church, Great Sankey, Warrington, Pongo to Frances Jackson.

Note new Address.

R.M. Wallis, “Swildons” 343, Upton Lane, Widnes, Lancs.

Sundry Recollections on running a Week’s Instructional Course in North Wales.

By Ron Newman

Scene:  Halfway up a ‘severe’
Norman:  “Hello, Roger, What are you doing?”
Roger (casually, hands in pockets) “Oh, just un-roped to have a look around.”

Framed Text hanging above my bed: -
“He led them on safely”.                          Ps 78.55.

Read the Llanberis Guide’s description of Lockwood’s Chimney on Clogwyn-y-Bustach, then imagine the climb being done by five beginners in one large party, with Newman at the fore.  (May I quote the guide-book?  ‘Leader needs forty foot of rope and lots of patience’).

I am sitting in state on the top, tied to a small belay.  I have been up there for an hour already, and it is six hours since we started climbing.  So far, no signs of movement have come from below.  My party is strung out in an enormous line at forty foot intervals, some sitting on grassy ledges, some in trees, some in thorny jungles and others prowl about beginning to feel lonely.  My patience is nearly exhausted.  Action is required.  I hail my number two in best authorative voice.

Some ten minutes later, after mumbling darkly about climbing with morons who seem to be not only stupid, but also deaf.  I establish contact with Colin and inquire the cause of the delay.  He replies that he is waiting for Pete to come up.  I therefore instruct Colin to inform Pete that he should come up.  A pause of some ten minutes ensues while Colin establishes contact with another moron, also deaf.  Back along the slow, deaf and unresponsive jungle telegraph comes the news that Pete cannot move until Roger comes up.

To cut a very long story short, I finally instruct Colin to tell Pete to tell Roger to tell Bill to tell Nigel to come up.  (All this with suitable delays while inter-climber contact is established).

At this stage, I am seriously contemplating un-roping, descending, and climbing us again to see what all the delay is about.  This thought, however, I dismiss rapidly, for a little voice whispers to me that, the instant I un-rope, the next moron is sure to start up the last pitch, and I remember that the last pitch is greasy and exposed.

Suddenly I realise that I have been hearing a faint noise that sounds rather like a voice for about ten minutes.  On giving this noise my full attention, I discover that Colin has been trying to establish contact with the moron immediately above him for some time.  He tells me that Pete told him that Roger told him that Bill told him that Nigel said he was stuck.

It now dawns on me that I am hungry.  This is not surprising: it is now teatime, and I have not yet had my packed lunch.

I then remember that my sandwiches are in Nigel’s rucsac.  Somewhat annoyed, I decide to have a cigarette instead, so I put one in my mouth. I then remember that Bill, this expedition's only other smoker, has the matches.  I recall the guide book’s words:  “Leader requires forty foot of rope and lots of patience.”

N.B.  Readers will be happy to hear that benightment was avoided: only this ray of sunshine amid the gloom enabled me to preserve my sanity.

Ron Newman.

The B.B. is once again in very urgent need of articles.  The Xmas issue is assured, but the appeal for material for the ‘Centenary’ issue has only brought one article.  The Children of Israel had to have straw to make bricks.  The BB has to have material to live.  The B.E.,C. has to be active to live.  It is alive (I think) ergo it is active, but no one reading the BB would think so, at least, from the caving point of view.  If you are afraid of your efforts being ‘not the thing’, send it along anyway.  It’s the editor’s job to lick them into shape.






T.H. Stanbury        Hon. Ed. 48 Novers Park Road, Knowle, Bristol. 4.
R.J. Bagshaw,       Hon. Sec.  56, Ponsford Road, Knowle, Bristol.4.
A. Sandall             Hon. Assist. Sec., 35 Beauchamp Road, Bishopston, Bristol .7.

B. E. C. Nomination Form.

Tho undermentioned have already been nominated for the 1956 Committee:-

B. Bagshaw, M.Jones, J. Osborn,  A. Setterington, A. Sandall, P.Ifold, A, Collins, C. Falshaw, J. Dear.

If you wish to nominate any other members will you please couplets the Form below and return it to the Hon. Secretary, before the 30th November. Nominations cannot be accepted after that date.

To the Hon. Secretary, B.E.C, 56 Pensford Rd, Knowle, Bristol,4.

I wish to nominate the following member/s who has/have agreed to stand for election to the 1956 Committee of tho B.E.C.

Membership No. _________  Signed _____________

(Tear off here)

B. E. C. Annual Dinner.

The Annual Dinner will be held at the Star Hotel, Wells, Som., on the 28th January, 1956, at 7p.m., for 7.30pm., following the Annual General Meeting. Tickets are 10/- per head. Please fill in this form and return it with the appropriate remittance to the Hon.Secretary, 56 Pensford Rd, Knowle, Bristol,4., Not Iater than 10th January, 1956.