The Belfry is shortly to be kept locked. Keys are now available on loan from the Hon. Sec. or Hut Warden. The loan fee of 2/- is refundable on return of the key.


Better late than never. We have just had word that Pete Stewart was married at Christmas. We regret we can give no further information regarding the name of his unfortunate partner.

New Members

259       Ron Nelmes 48 Bishop Rd, Bishopston 7,

260       J. Lamb 366 Filton Avenue 7.

261       Jim Martin, 51. Ash Road, Horfield.

May their lights never grow dim.


A working Party to produce Ladders etc is urgently required as tackle stocks are falling. This is the second appeal of this nature lets hope it will not be as fruitless as the last. Our stock of ladders is getting painfully low and If volunteors do not come forward soon the club will find itself in the unique position of being practically tackleless. Names please to either M Jones, M Hannam or K Dobbs alias Muggins!

Note from Mr & Mrs P ifold

Pat and Beryl wish to thank all club members for their very generous wedding presents.

Easterwater Cavern

It is desired to promulgate for the information and guidance of all persons , parties expedition, excursions & cutting etc., following account of an investigation into the possibility of using Eastwater Cavern as a breading ground for White Elephants.

It is further desired to make known that :-

A research party of’ seven fully experienced men, good and true, being of sound mind, and, well versed in, and having knowledge of the breeding instincts of the white Elephant did on the above mentioned date undertake the survey reported hereinafter.

D A Coase Esq. Lond Indif.                                             )

T Ratcliffe Esq. Lond Ad Info                                           )

M Hannum Esq. Brit Spel. A l la n Arch Bt.                      )

Bertie Conv.                                                                   )

D. Read Esq. Somnambulist and meat eater                    ) commissioners of

M Jones Esq. Lib & Nat Con,                                          ) the Council.

The findings made by the above council are set out below in log form:

11:15    Undressing took place in 0.B.

11:18    Redressing took place in O.B.

11:30    Entered Eastwater Cavern,

11:35    Stated that Read was quite incapable of leading a party though the Boulder Ruckle.

11:40    My 11:35 confirmed,

11:45    Rediscovered the Boulder Chamber

11:50    Left Boulder Chamber for top of the canyon.

11:55    Reached top of the Canyon.

12:00    Jones explored a hole in the roof and reported “Wont Go cock” (Metaphoric sense intended.).

12:10    Jones explored hole in the wall and reported “Wont go cock”

12:15    Began track down canyon

12:20    Found by Coase and Ratcliffe sitting in a pool of mud.

12:25    Coase leading. Prayers offered, Right hand bend, tight crevice, Allan’s braces bust (remarks omitted as they have direct bearing on the breeding of white elephants).

12:30    Tighter.

12:33    Stuck, (Latter part of my 12:25 applicable).

12:35    It was discovered that heat evaporates (damn) moisture.

12:36    Unstuck, Rejoicing.

12:40    Climbing.

12:45    Still climbing,

12:47    On oxygen

12:55    Narrow rift , sharp rock, skin almost gone, Great pain.


13:00    We go down.

13:10    Duty P.O. requested outside E.R.A to run the ventilation as the atmosphere was becoming rather heavily charged.

13:20    Shaft found to be that mentioned in my 1200,

13:43    Back in hole in the wall

14:15    All this time spent thratching,

14:35    Out. Whaw! Raining,

The commissioners of the Council are of the unanimous opinion that Eastwater Cavern is an ideal breading ground for White Elephants and recommends that it be developed.

Signed,  Jacka.

Commissioners of the Council,

Club Trip To Derbyshire, Easter.1952.

A few weeks before Easter, it seemed likely that about 12 members would go on this trip to Derbyshire, but one by one, like the Ten Little Nigger Boys, bods had to drop out because of various accidents or changes of plan. Finally four were left and one of these did not appear. D.Gwinnel and P. Bird went up by rail on the Thursday night and reached Bakewell after a free, but quite unwanted rail tour of the Peak (because of misdirection by a porter at Derby Station). Thence by bus to Baslow and on foot to the Birmingham Cave & Crag Clubs excellent quarters below Baslow Edge. D and two Birmingham Club members climbed on one of the Edges (millstone grit) on Friday afternoon. Early on Saturday D and P moved on to Castleton, The road from Bakewell to Castleton goes through some fine limestone scenery, past the gliding centre at Hucklow. At Castleton we stayed at a hut lent to the Orpheus Caving Club. It commands a splendid view across the Winnots Pass to the steep face of Marn Tor.

Pongo Wallis appeared on his bike, disappeared in the direction of Chapel-on-le-Frith and was not seen again. On Saturday we searched old mine heaps for lead ore and Blue John. Blue John is a form of fluorspar found only at Castleton. It is banded purple yallow and white, and is used to make justly famed decorative bowls. We visited the Speedwell Cavern, a “show cave”. One goes by boat along a flooded mine level, 2250 feet long, to a natural sloping chamber which contains a lake. Total height of chamber reputedly 540 feat, but possibly much less. It is certainly imposing.

On Sunday we did Oxlow Cavern with a party of Orpheus, who had previously laddered it. Oxlow is said to be really wet at times, but was mostly quite dry on this occasion. You can read all about Oxlow in “Cave Science” no. 17 for July, 1951. The Orpheus Club makes much use of carabiners and of running belays.

The next day we had a look at Treak Cavern, supposed to be the prettiest “show “ cave at Castleton. There is one fine stalactite grotto and the veins o f Blue John are worth seeing, but there are no formations to compare with Gough’s let alone the August Hole Series of Longwood. The return journey to Bristol is not worth recording so your scribe will not record it.

Pete Bird.

Caving Report.

After an absence of two months, due largely to a lack of variation in the caving programme, the report is back in circulation. During Easter large crowds converged on Mendip and it was a pleasure to see many of the familiar faces together with some new ones from Nottingham, Derbyshire and various parts of .

Trips to Eastwater, Swildon’s, Axbridge and the Burrington area were carried out and there were many reminiscences of the “old caving days” during the evenings at the Hunters. Two members of the club spent Easter in Derbyshire and joined the O.C.C. for a trip down Oxlow Pot. They also visited several other caves in the district. A number of people attended the recent Lamb Leer meet and apparently had a good time….. The only outstanding feature of this trip was the amazing amount of liquid which Sage can carry or rather can’t carry, a threatened burst from above caused half a dozen members to scatter in wild confusion across the bottom of the first chamber …. 60 odd feet below. It was also most enlightening to hear a family history traced back for some generations in such a short space of time...... Ed

However despite the above activities there is no need for complacency since plenty of’ caving and digging is still to be done. LOG SHEETS. Just a gentle reminder that there are still plenty of log sheets both at the Belfry and at club evening meetings, ready to be filled in.

More Injuries.

We regret to announce that John (Shorty) Shorthose who recently decamped for the wilds of has come unstuck from “Amber”, his vintage Motor cycle, and is now slowly recovering from a broken shoulder blade.

International Congress 1953

Literature has been received regarding the International Congress of Speleology. The first session is to be held in Paris from September 1st - 5th. Following this there will be trips arranged to French caves. The exact cost is not as yet known but if any members are interested will they get in touch with the Hon Sec. as soon as possible.

Useful addresses:-

R.J. Bagshaw                Hon. Sec,.36. Ponsford Road, Bristol.4.

M. Hannam                   Caving Sec. 14. Vyvyan Terrace, Bristol.8,

A. Setterington              Hut Warden. 21 Priorswood Road, Taunton, Somerset ,