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We would like to apologise to members for the delay in the June issue. We are combining the July and August numbers to keep things moving. As mentioned before there is still a shortage of material for BB. Come on you scribes.... We would also apologise for the way we have had to split Pongos’ article on Festival Caving but we wont seeing that it is your own fault. We had no suitable half page article to finish the last BB.

Festival Caving continued

Having run the gauntlet safely, passing en-route four bestial sub human creatures (I refer to the Four Winds, not the attendants) we come to what must be termed the “Short Dull Way”. This is soon passed and some formations appear, together with a powerful spring, playing upwards in three jets. The lighting is most cunning. As any cave photographer knows, formations arc fluorescent, and we received a demonstration of this in the next section, by courtesy of G.E.C’s Ultra-Violet lamps. Apparently Cavernophilious fish are too, for we saw some of them as well. Similarly, visitors shirts take on new and unexpected hues.

The nature of this passage remains unchanged until the exit - in the words of the guide “Hurry along, Sir, its just the same all the way.”

The moral appears to be that “Schweppervescence lasts the whole cave through” Souvenirs are available at 3/- each.

N.B. Admission to the amusement Gardens is 2/-.

Mendip Rescue Organisation

Do you remember the Tel phone number you have to ring to contact MR0 ??? WELLS 2197 Don’t forget, you may need it in a hurry one day. Put it in your diary or address book now. 

MISSING from Belfry ono rubberised Brown fabric Ground-sheet. Would possessor return to the Hut Warden.


Most members of the club in and around Bristol will have visited the BEC stand at the “Our Way o f Life” Exhibition organised as part of Bristol’s’ Festival Celebrations. For those who were unable to attend, it can be fairly safely said that the Club stand was one of the most interesting, and attracted quite a lot of comments…….

“An elderly lady strolled in one evening, stared horrified at a case of human bones from Wookey Hole then rushed over to Mike Jones and demanded to know why they weren’t buried in consecrated ground. Mike told her that it wasn’t certain that they were Christians, but she kept on nattering away, and said that he would no doubt go to Hell.”………

“A breezy type walked in with his girl, looked at the mountaineer (a dressed up tailors dummy) then turned to the Divers (similar dummies). When his girl friend asked him what they were, he replied that it was apparatus for climbing in rarefied air“.....

“A lady came in with her husband, and told him that the people from whom the Wookey Hole bones had come, must have been Negroes as the bones were dark brown.” .....

“Another women came in with her small boy, who asked her what the breathing bags round the divers necks were for. Her answer was Water Wings”…... (Did she know G.T.Lucy cannot swim.?)

“Several people thought the model of GB (made by Stan Collins ) was the skeleton of some cave dwelling animal now extinct.“……(So did I, it certainly didn’t look like GB to me, still I haven’t been there as much as Alfie. DAC)

“After glancing at the divers and mountaineer many people said that the mountaineering rigout was a primitive diving suit”.

Congratulations to all those who helped to make the stand a success it undoubtable was, especially Tony Johnson, who did all the organisation, and to the younger members who stood guard and answered all the silly queries. And whilst on the subject….

Congratulations to

Jo and Henry Shelton, a daughter Jill Vivian.

Margaret and Pat Woodroffe, a daughter, Pamela June

Bobby Bagshawe, a wife ..... Dark Horse, what’s her name?)

Don Coase, a fiancee, Clare Ainsworth

It is also rumoured that Roy Ifold has sold or is selling his bike because of a female. Shame! Any more for the lists.


MISSING from the Belfry that well known book of songs and verse, Theo Cons. This has taken a number of years to compile, and we would be glad if the present possessor (after copying out the parts that Interest him, or her ) would return it to the H.W.   

Patrick Browne

It is with the Greatest regret that we have to announce the death of Pat Browne on Sat; Aug. 18th whilst climbing or Snowdon. He was leading over a slight overhang on a severe climb when he fell off, then the rope broke and he fell 60’. The Coroner, recording a verdict of accidental death said “The tragedy is that a man of his experience should have undertaken a difficult climb like this with such a poor rope”.

It will be for his caving activities that Pat will mainly remembered. In particular for his work, in conjunction with Don Coase in exploring Stoke Lane II. He spent a large amount of his time in the smaller caves of East Mendip, and with his parents, excavated Browne’s Hole and Withybrook Swallet. It was with sorrow that the caving section of the Club learnt that he had been bitten with the climbing bug, some two years ago, as people with his keenness and determination are few and far between.

We would like to offer his parents our deepest sympathy in their tragic loss.

Circulation List

The Club receives quite a number of newsletters etc. from CRG and other clubs. It is proposed to circulate those and other items of interest that turn up from time to time by post. Each person on the list would pay the postage to the next person, and to avoid delay, will be expected to keep the newsletters, etc. no longer than two days. Names please to Johnny Ifold.

C.R.G. Annual General Meeting

Will be held at the City Museum Bristol on Sat.17th November. The Club will be organising a trip on the Sunday, for the benefit of CRG members. If there is sufficient support, it is hoped to ladder Eastwater by both the old and now routes.

Swildon’s Hole

The CDG Somerset Section are going to have a crack at the 2nd. Trap (or Sump, if you prefer it) of Swildon’s on September 15th, (Saturday) The Club has agreed to help with this operation. We require 12 bods on Sunday 9th. September to help carry in some of the kit. Then 20 on Saturday 15th to carry in more kit, assist the divers, and probable carry out the divers and kit (lazy devils these divers). The following weekend more bods.

Note - The operation referred in the last item has now been post-until early spring,

London Section Annual Meet

The London Section held it’s annual meet during the week preceding the August Bank Holiday. The meet was centred on the head-quarters of the South Wales Caving Club, who very kindly provided facilities of a very high order. The first arrivals on Saturday, 20th July were Clare Ainsworth, Don Coase, Tom Ratcliffe and Pongo Wallis. These were the sole occupants of the cottage until the following Friday when Johnny Ifold and Mike Jones arrived. The Shorthose menage arrived around six am the following morning after invoking the aid of the local police and part of an honoured gear box. (Thanks, Ras!).

The Section as usual, got to work on, or in, the local caves without delay with Don leading the field. The first Sunday saw the three photographers in Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, confining their activities to the entrance series and thereby keeping their clothes dry for a minor LLethrid the following day. As Monday was a boiling hot day, the party required all its determination to leave the bathing on the Gower coast to go In search of the cave. While Clare stayed outside to watch the clothes, and incidentally to put in some useful target practice on the local cows, the three musketeers dug out a new entrance passed the boulder ruckle by yet another new route but then failed to find the way on. At this stage, one member of the trio sustained a cut finger, and owing to the lack of a pricker, the lighting position deteriorated still further, there seemed only one thing to do and it was done.., just in time for a pint before closing time. Then a wild dash back up the Swansea valley chased by a thunderstorm. The storm lost, fortunately.

The next day saw the start of the serious caving, with five hours spent in Ffynnon Ddu, mainly taking photographs in the RAWL series. That evening the party celebrated this achievement in true caving style at the “Gwyn”.

Wednesday was observed as a day of rest, but was followed by even greater exertions on Thursday. These were called for during a trip to Llygad Llwchwr (or words to that effect!). This trip started off as a practice run for the International Six Days Trial, apart from the unduly large amount of freight that was carried, Coase pioneered an entirely new route to the cave, which is thoroughly to be recommended, after they have got round to making the road there. It suffers from one grave disadvantage only one pub along it; and here, needless to say, a halt was made. It was noteworthy that even the beer was canned.. quite literally. National Grid ref. will be supplied in plain envelope on request, enclosing stamps to the value of 1/4½ to cover the cost of postage and a pint for D.A.C.

Again, five pleasant hours were spent in the cave chasing an elusive river. When the correct section was found, the entire party proceeded to have great fun with the rubber dinghy. More photographs were taken, some of them in glorious Technicolor.

The party retreated in good order, and having changed set off in search of refreshment and the way back to the cottage. Their enquires led them into the local hostelry at 9.56 pm, where three obliging natives explained three entirely different routes home at one and the same time. By taking the middle one the party found its way back without mishap. Friday was observed as a day of rest until Shorthose upset everything at about ten pm, by calling on the aid of Coase and Ratcliffe. Saturday, or what was left of it was observed as a day of rest except for the Bristol contingent, who had a look into OFD.

The Sabbath day was kept really holey by a mass attack on Dan-y -Ogof. This was a most interesting trip and a good time was had by all, including DAC, who celebrated his newly announced engagement by taking a swim in the first lake. His take-off was well assisted by staunch companions, but was not entirely voluntary. Most of the rest of the party were new to rubber dinghy caving, and were rather impressed by the size of the underground river. That evening, Pongo retired to the bath. Ifold and Ratcliffe attempted a major trip into OFD on Monday but owing to faulty staff work, found that there was an acute shortage of spare carbide, so left the cave and took up hiking instead. The party then adjourned to the “Gwyn”, there to be entertained with song and impersonation by the Hon Sec of the South Wales Cave Club. This proved a most acceptable finale to the meet.

Caving Report

There was plenty of caving activity during July and August. Johnny Ifold has led some more trips around his new Series while the Birmingham Crowd started the task of surveying Eastwater while on holiday at the Belfry.

Miss Jill Rollason and Alfie Collins have now succeeded in getting to the farthest point of “Ridyard’s Wriggle” in Stoke lane. Apart from a number of local trips to such places as Swildon’s, Eastwater, Stoke and Burrington, some members have wandered further afield. Two spent a week in Yorkshire and managed a couple of trips down Gaping Ghyll, thanks to the very helpful Craven Pothole Club. There was also the London Section visit to South Wales.

Seen in the British Medical Journal. . , “The patient suffered from breathlessness on exertion lasting more than a month”

……Can’t say were surprised.

Trip Card – October

October 6th        Burrington Caves, August Hole

                        Leader .. M. Jones, J. Ifold.

                        Meet… Burrington Café, 2:30om Lower Farm 2:30pm

October 14th.      Stoke Lane

Leader.. S. Collins, N.Petty, and M. Hannam

Meet 1pm at cave,

October 20th       Sandford Levy

Leader. R.Bennett

November 10th    Swildon’s Hole

Leader.- M. Hannam

Meet.,. Belfry, 2,3Opm.

All those intending to join any of these trips should notify the caving secretary several days before the trip is due take place.


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