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To remind you that all nominations for the 1951 committee MUST be in the possession of the Hon Sec by 30t November 1950.


In view of the continued busyness of Frank Young, Miss Sybil Bowden-Lyle has taken over the job of Assist Hon Sec. Her Address is 31 Highworth road, St Annes, Bristol. All correspondence, except that of a personal nature should be addressed to Miss Bowden-Lyle and not to the Hon Sec.

In accordance with the plan for the excavation of the site behind the Belfry. K.S. Hawkins has been appointed corresponding secretary: to the Archaeological Section. His address is 9 Quarrington Road; Horfield, Bristol, and all correspondence relating to Archaeology should be sent to him.

All articles for the BB either serious or otherwise should be sent to the Hon. Editor, c/o 74, Redcatch Road, Knowle, Bristol, as before.

The size of the BB has been criticised for some time past, and a promise was made by the editor that all steps would be taken to expand it whenever possible. Since this however, a serious shortage of duplicating paper has become evident we are taking all possible steps to ensure that the BB will at least remain as at present and have placed an order with the suppliers for a large amount of paper which will act as a reserve, but do not, under the circumstances feel it advisable to exceed our usual six sides.

(This article has been on the shelf for some time, and has been part of the BB “Reserve Pool”) Ed..

Since its resurrection, the climbing section seems to be going from strength to strength; The BEC was even more strongly represented in North Wales recently. Members present were Gwen & John Ifold, Pat Brown, Johnny Bindon, Johnny Morris, Roger Cantle, George Lucy, yours truly and our affiliated members from Merseyside, Bob Crabtree, and Len Davies.

After two very wet weekends, the law of averages finally operated to our advantage, (except for a wet evening on the first day) and consequently the meet was highly successful - we had three days of rock-climbing.

By the time I arrived from Holyhead, the BEC was shaking itself reluctantly from the arms of Morpheus, to greet Phoebus coursing across the heavens in his fiery chariot. (i.e. the lazy blighters were just getting out of kip because the sun was scorching their eyelids.)

On this, the first day, Len, the Menace, Bob, Roger and I Loosened up on the Gribin, doing the Two-tree Route in two parties. There was only one highlight on this trip: Cantle opened his gob. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the Cantle gob opening, only at this particular moment his pipe happened to be in it. It nearly brained your boy Ronnie, who graciously retrieved it for him from a nearby ledge.

Just as we got to the top, it began to rain. Normally one doesn’t mind rain, but in North Wales there isn’t much room between the spots, so the Crabtree, Cantle, Newman outfit beat it quickly down to (there is an indecipherable word in the MSS ,Ed,) for some char. Morris and Davies, being philosophical types who believe that there is a saturation point beyond which one can’t possibly get any wetter, carried on and did a few more climbs, including one “severe”.

There was the inevitable session in the Royal afterwards, and the staff became rather dazed after a fill of the BEC’s songs and recitations.

There was some divergence of opinion as to which climbs we should do, so we split up into three parties to suit our tastes. Pat. Brown, J.B. and the Menace departed for Tryfan East Face, the main party went on the Idwal Slabs, while Len had a hankering to do Glyder Fach, so I trotted along with him. I must therefore be excused if I dwell too much on the doings of the Davies-Newman combination on Glydor Fach, since the exploits of the other two parties I know of only by hearsay.

The Tryfan party disgraced itself somewhat by splitting up and returning three hours overdue, while search parties fearing the worst, scoured the mountain for them.

The Idwal outfit, it seems, was not lacking in Interest. Cantle covered himself with glory by peeling off Saints' Wall. It appears that he was on a tricky move involving a blind grope for a hold out of sight around the corner; his blind grab missed, and off he came. The rope held and Crabtree was delighted at the spectacle - until he discovered that it was his new rope that Roger was dangling on, whereupon he waxed exceedingly brassed off! It was also reported that Johnny Ifold has devised a new slab technique, consisting of a breast - stroke swimming motion, with feet in the air and belly on the rock.

Meanwhile Len and I were having a wizard time on Glyder Fach. We went up the Alphabet Slab via Beta and continued on from there straight up Chasm Route, which proved a most enjoyable and satisfying climb. Holler-in-the-night Newman was particularly happy because he led up the Vertical Vice and got up it at the first attempt.

After Chasm we were in marvellous form and decided ambitiously to do a "severe" - either Hawk's West Buttress or Direct Route (while on Chasm we had made detours to inspect both the top and bottom of the Final Crack on Direct Route). Accordingly we shot down Main Gully, only to discover that both routes had been occupied in the meantime by other parties. So, instead, we climbed up and down Main Gully Ridge, practicing abseils and generally pottering about on the way.

It was then decided to start back to our rendezvous with the other two parties and to do a climb on Bochlwyd Buttress on our way. The sun was warm, and it was nice lazing about on boulders nattering idly, so somehow or other we never got around to doing Bochlwyd Buttress.

The day finished on not quite such a happy note as it might have done: instead of following our arranged programme, search operations were begun on Tryfan.

By Monday morning, two of the party found that they'd contracted Cantle's Disease, and this was attributed to drinking stream water. Later on in the day Newman was likewise stricken, and, failing to got a lift, had to walk from Capel Curig to Bethesda, thereby spending a most uncomfortable and exhausting night.

However, to return to the earlier part of Monday's proceedings. Five of us did Sylvan Traverse on Tryfan's Milestone Buttress, all in one party - Len, the Menace, myself, Roger and Bob respectively. The party was far too large, and the expedition assumed ridiculous proportions: for every minute one of us moved, fifteen were spent waiting for the other members of the party to move. However, it was jolly good clean fun, (apart from Roger dropping his karabiner) and we had quite an audience on the main road below viewing our antic; some of the spectators being armed with binoculars.

After our little duffy on Tryfan, the party broke up and went their respective ways. Finally for the first time in his life, Johnny Morris was scared stiff - and it was all Newman's doing. He lived up to his name of "Holler-in-the-night", only this time the yells wore accompanied by physical violence: Johnny was seized by the throat and almost strangled. As for John Ifold, he needs a national Health deaf aid, for, although the closest, he was the only one who slept through the commotion.

Don't miss the next thrilling account of the Climbing Section's adventures!!

Photographic Competition.

Your are reminded that the final date for receiving entries for this competition is November 30th. There has been a very poor response so far and we hope that this last month will see the entries pouring in.

Belfry Bulletin Christmas Number

Anyone having anything special in the way of articles that they would like included in the Xmas Issue, (which by the way, will be a double number) must send them to the Hon. Editor by the end of November.

Gentle Dizzie Part II

Our recent note about the other "Gentle Dizzie" has brought a "pome" from our own Gentle Dizzie God bless her.

Our Gentle Dizzie doesn't feed
on grass, as other Hippos do -
she much prefers to dine off crisps,
And guzzle beer and Belfry stew.

Her size, though large, is not as big
As many of her kindred souls,
But really is a useful shape
For crawling through those horrid 'oles.

Though lately we have noticed that
her keeness as a caver waning,
She takes to sunbathing instead,
While other members are Stoke Lane-ing.

Her mate - a Postle - makes amends
by now and then descending under,
But only after irate friends
Have shamed him into such a blunder.

So if on Mendip you should roam,
Preoccupied and very busy,
Don't run if you should see a shape,
It's probably "Our Gentle Dizzie".

For Sale

A number of members have suggested that there be a space allocated for a "Sales Column" for members. Anyone with white elephants for disposal are asked to write in to the Editor before the middle of the month for the entry to be included in the next month's BB. Here is the first entry:-

Car. Price £70. Taxed and insured to end of year. Make AUSTIN 16, (6 cyl.) 1931. Colour Black and dark blue. Maintenance:- a. Bodywork re-enameled two coats. b. inside and underneath metalwork all cleaned and painted with bitumen paint, c. Transmission sound, d. engine overhauled decoked & valves ground, e. pistons & con-examined - big-ends in good condition, crank shaft is of bearing type. f. interior of engine clean. g. reconditioned battery - starts easily, h. 4 new tyres, i. oil pressure 20 lb when hot, uses very little oil. j. seating - 5 with comfort - used to carry ½ a ton. Defects;- driving side windows damaged by sun and really need replacement. Brakes worn. Rear mudguards were worn -but have been welded and lined with aluminium. Price as standing £70; with, brakes and windows done £100. Apply to:- John S. Buxton, Calwich Gardens, Nr. Ashbourne, Derbyshire; Tele. Ellastone 78.

Cave Research Group of Great Britain.

The 4th Annual General Meeting of the C.R.G. will be held at the Church House, North Parade, BRADFORD, ?orks on Saturday 11th November 1950, followed by a descent of Ireby Fell Cavern on the 12th.  All persons contemplating going on this meet are asked to contact Assist, Hon. Sec. as soon as possible for details.

Annual Dinner.

The 1st Annual Dinner held at the Hawthorns, was successful beyond the organisers hopes. Fifty seven persons attended, including representatives of the W.C.C.; S.W.C.C.,. U.B.E.C; M.N.R.C: The Hon. Sec. of D.S.S. sent apologies that owing to the sudden illness of his wife he was unable to attend.  A good time was had by all, entertainment being provided by Messrs. R. Brain, R. Cantle, P. Ifold, R. Perry, R.A. Setterington, G. Lucy.

The verdict was that those that were elsewhere missed a really good show.

Calendars and Xmas Cards.

As usual there are Xmas Cards and Calendars available to members and friends. This year there are five samples to choose from. a. The Corkscrew Stalactite, Stoke Lane; b. Singsong around the camp fire at August Bank; c. Old Load Works, Priddy; d. Small Grotto, Stoke Lane; e. Party in Hunters (Lucy, Bindon, Cantle, Pat lfold, Hal Perry & Sett, all catching flies). Cost of Calendars is increased from last year's price to 3/- owing to rising costs. Cards are as before at 6d. each. ALL ORDERS MUST REACH HON. SEC, at 74. Redcatch Road, by the END OF NOVEMBER.

T.H. Stanbury.            Hon. Sec. 74. Redcatch Road, Knowle, Bristol.4. 77590
Miss D.S. Bowden-Lyle 51. Highworth Road, St. Annes Park, Bristol 4.
W.J. Shorthose           Hon. Sec. London Section, 26. Gatesido Road, Upper Tooting, London S.W.17.
R. Cantle                    Leader Climbing Section, 46 Cherrington Road, Henleaze, Bristol.
H. Perry                     Librarian, 20 Northfield Ave., Hanham, Bristol.

Postal Ballot for 1951 Committee

The following persons have been nominated for the B.E.C. Committee for 1951.  You are asked to select the eight names that you think most suitable, and write them in the spaces provided on the attached voting form. This form MUST be received by Hon Sec. at 74. Redcatch Road, Knowle, Bristol 4.. by FRIDAY JANUARY, 20th. 1951. Any forms received after that date will be void.

You are reminded that one of the names selected must, under our Constitution (amended at the 1949 A.G.M.) be a lady, but you can of course vote for more than one lady member if you so desire. The London section is represented on the Committee by a representative of that Section who happens to be in the area at the time.

Persons Nominated for 1351 Committee.

Bobbie Bagshaw; Roger Cantle; Ken Dobbs: Dan Hasell; John Ifold: Roger Ifold: Tony Johnson; George Lucy; Hal Perry; Tony Setterington: Henry Shelton: Harry Stanbury; "Postle" Tompsett.

Ladies:- Miss Sybil Bowden-Lyle; Miss Pam Richards; Miss Jill Rollason; Mrs. "Dizzie" Tompsett.

In the event of a person elected not being willing to take office, the next in order of voting will replace him/her. Frank Young has also been nominiated but has said that he does not wish to stand for 1951.

A number of nominations included the position to which it was desired the person nominated to be elected. This election is concerned with actual places on the Committee, the positions themselves being arranged when the result of the ballot is known.  It will be appreciated that if the various offices were voted for, in addition to the actual Committee Members, the result would be like a penny points permutation.

T.H. Stanbury. Hon. Sec.


1.       Belfry Charges, (see addendum)
a). Members:- 1/3 per night, 6d per day Cooking facilities.
b). Non-members, 2/3 per night, l/- per day Cooking facilities.

2.       No unauthorised persons may interfere with electrical, plumbing radio or gas fittings.

3.       Lights out from 1 a.m. - 7.0 a.m. when strict silence shall be observed. You are also expected to be as quiet as possible between 12 p.m. and 8.a.m.

4.       Everyone must do their fair share of the chores before departing, for any activity.

5.       Do not waste gas or electricity. These supplies are convenient, but also very expensive.

6.        No one must wear nailed boots or caving clothes in the New Belfry.

7.       Whenever you go underground leave a note in the Hut Log as to your whereabouts and the expected hour of return.

8.       All damage to the Belfry to be made good or paid for by the person responsible for the said damage.

9.       Children under the age of 14 years will in no circumstances be allowed to sleep in the Belfry or on the Belfry site.

10.   The last person to leave MUST be sure that:-
a). Electricity is off at the Main.
b). Gas is turned off at the Cylinder.
c). ALL water is drained off.
d). Windows are closed and the huts secured.

11.   The Hut Warden is in control of all matters connected with the Belfry Site, and in any dispute his decision is Final.

NOTE. Rule 9, is temporarily in abeyance, and so consequently there is the following Addendum to Rule 1:-

“Children under the ago of 14 years pay the appropriate members’ charge, providing that they are accompanied by their Parents, one of whom must be a club member“.