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Apologies are offered to those few members who found last month’s page 4 printed upside down.  Also for the error on page 2.  The articles listed were found at the Belfry and claims are invited for them.  These errors were due to over-enthusiasm on part of the printing staff.

List of members 1950   No.4

Gerry Orren                c/o Elder & Fyffes Ltd., Likomba Plantation, Tike Post Office, British Cameroons. B.W.A.
Miss Doreen Vickery   Seaton Lodge, Station Road, Staple Hill, Bristol.
Harry Shelton             18, Walsh Avenue, Hengrove, Bristol. 4.
Tony Preston              43, West Town Lane, Brislington, Bristol. 4.
Fred Shorland             P.O. Box 37, Causeway, Southern Rhodesia.
Ron Newman              77, Beaufort Road, St. George, Bristol. 6.
John Adams               27, Granby Hill, Clifton, Bristol. 8.
Ray Wade                  101, Princess Victoria Street, Clifton, Bristol. 8.
Michael Farr               1, Sion lane, Clifton, Bristol. 8.
David Williams            Arch house, Victoria Square, Clifton, Bristol. 8.
Tim Kendrick              Cherry Street, Bingham, Notts.
John Shorthose           Hon. Sec. B.E.C. London Section, 26 Gateside Road, Upper Tooting, London, S.W.17.
Miss Vi iNseal            35, Pesherton Roiad, Knowle, Bristol. 4.
Tom Ratcliffe              12, Mayfield Road, Dagenham, Essex.
G.S. Rendall               10, Hillaries Road, Erdington, Birmingham 23.

Climbing Section Report No.2.

Whitsun Meet, 27th. – 29th. May 1950.
Place:-Blynant Farm. Idwal. N. Wales.

There were present at this meet ten B.E.C. members and one non-member.

Although inclement weather threatened, two parties climbed Seniors Climb (or Two Tree Climb) on Y Gribbin.  One of the parties headed by L. Davis then tackled Home Climb.  Rain then prevented further comfortable climbing and a general withdrawal down to Capel was made successfully.

Sunday 28th.  A glorious day.  Three parties climbing.  Sun Wall Climb on the Slabs led by J.H. Crabtree.  North Buttress and Grove direct lead by J. Morris on Tryfan and Chasm route on Glyder Fach.  A couple other climbs were done on Fach but were not recorded.

Sunday 29th.  Several of the party returned home, but some remained and Silvern Traverse on the Mile Stone was climbed.  The weather was not so good on Monday although luckily it remained dry.  This climb proved both interesting and spectacular not only to the types partaking of it, but also to the trippers on the road.  A part of Rowan Tree Slabs are crossed in the Traverse and the point of note is the crossing of ‘Soap Gut’.  The meet finished with a pint at the Royal, Cape Curig, where many farewells were made with promises to return.

The main lessons of the meet to be borne in mind are as follows,

1.                   Indiscriminate drinking of water is not a good thing.  Several members of the party suffering from Stomach complaints.

2.                   The old rhyme about Skye is just as applicable to North Wales.  ‘If of a wetting you are shy, you had better not go to Skye’.

3.                   When a time is given to return from a climb always stick to it, it save unnecessary worry and wasted effort.

To sum up:- The meet proved most successful and much climbing was done.  The Section is now getting on a firm footing and is gaining in experience.


Report on the Exploration of Crystal Pot.  July 1949.

By P.M. Browne

Information reached us that a deep gulf had recently been opened in a quarry at Mells.  No time was lost in testing this statement and it was found to be correct.

An opening some 200 feet above the floor of the Quarry entered the top of a vertical shaft. A lantern lowered into the pot came to rest about 35 feet down on a narrow ledge, the place was quite spacious.

A hurried journey was made to fetch 40ft. of ladder and a long tether.  At the cave entrance belays were very scanty, but a short metal ladder, spanning the gap, helped considerably.

With ladder fixed and self leading, the pitch was passed without much difficulty by a party of four, Mr.  & Mrs. L.M. Browne, Mr. Evemy, the quarry owner, Mr. J. Broadley and the writer.

The cave was found to consist of the 40ft. pot, at the bottom of which a rock bridge led to a small cavern the walls of which were entirely of calcite crystals, as was the ‘Bridge’ itself.  It was on account of these glittering walls that we gave the name’ Crystal Pot’ to the series.

Two good photographs were taken of the entrance and one, rather dark but clear, of the ‘Bridge’.

Please note that the crystals referred to above bear no formational relationship to stalagmites or stalactites, but seem to be the result of total submersion under high pressure.

The whole cave has since been completely obliterated by the progress of the quarry.

P.M. Browne.  Frome.  Nov 23rd 1949.


Congratulations to Dizzie and Postle (Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Tompsett) on the birth of a daughter (Marilyn Brenda).  Both mother and daughter are doing well.  May she turn out as good a sport as her parents.

The marriage between Henry Shelton and Miss Jo Gill took place on Saturday, 10th. June at St. Nicholas Church, Whitchurch, Bristol.  The club turned out on force and the happy pair were presented with an old horse-shoe tastefully decorated with a bit of old rope, by the Hon. Sec.  The church Gateway was festooned with ladders and ropes, and a mounted escort in caving clothes and helmets was provided.  Good luck to you both, Henry and Jo.

Photographic Competition.

It is a long time ago that the club held a competition.  This is something new and we hope that those ‘camera-minded’ members whose efforts in the past have been so much admired and criticised will show us their mettle.  The rules are very simple, and are as below:-

1.                   Only members of the Bristol Exploration Club are eligible to enter.

2.                   Entries will be divided into 2 classes,

a.       Photographs of Caves,

b.       Photographs showing some activity of the Club or individual members apart from anything which falls in Class a.

3.                   Entries must not be smaller than post-card size, mounted for preference, but may be larger.  There is no limit to the number of entries any member can submit.

4.                   Each entry must be accompanied by an entry form and must be lettered for identification, i.e., a, b, c, etc. to correspond with the form.  The form must have the following particulars- Name & address, make and type of camera and lens if known.  Whether developed and/or printed commercially or by the competitor himself.  If possible all technical data should be given.

5.                   Each entry must be accompanied by a 6d. postal order.

6.                   Entries must reach the Hon. Sec. by Nov. 30th. 1950.

7.                   Due allowance will be made in the judging for the type of camera used.

8.                   The 1st., 2nd., and 3rd. in each class will, be announced at the next A.G.M.  The prize will be 1st. 1 year’s Annual Belfry Subs., value £2/2/-; 2nd. 1. year’s Annual Subscription, value 10/-; 3rd, 1 week (7 nights) at Belfry, value 8/9.  In each class a special prize of photographic materials to the value of 10/- for the best photo in either class taken with a camera of present day value of less than £5.

9.                   The best entries will be exhibited at the next A.G.M.

10.               The judges will endeavour to criticise in writing each print submitted.

11.               The committee of the B.E.C. reserve the right to borrow any negative for the purpose of making a lantern slide from it to add to the club collection.  Whilst taking every care, they will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the negative whilst in the club’s possession.

12.               No person can win, more than one prize.

13.               The judge’s decision is final.

14.               The judge for this competition shall be Mr. Don Coase and Mr. John Shorthose, who are barred from submitting an entry.


We hope to include the entry form with this issue of the BB, but if not it will be in the next.  Further forms can be obtained from Hon. Sec.  Members may ask why a form?  This is so that Hon. Sec. can separate names and addresses from prints.  Each competitor will receive a number so that judges will have no idea who submitted any particular print, although they will have the technical data at their disposal.



On Tuesday June 6th. certain members of the Club visited the Mineries for a swim, afterwards visiting the Belfry and partaking of stew.  When a small party of members, including the undersigned visited the Belfry the following evening, both Belfry doors were wide open and the remains of the stew were festering on the plates.  This is disgusting behaviour and if in future any such occurrence is noted, I shall be forced to take suitable action.

(signed) D.H. Hasell, Chairman.


Owing to the curtailment of his spare time Jimmy Weekes has had to resign from the Committee.  It has been decided to co-opt to the committee in his place Ken Dobbs, who is one of the most active cavers in the club.  At the same meeting it was decided to co-opt Roger Cantle to the committee to represent the climbing section that has been going great guns recently.

Annual Dinner

We are hoping to hold the Club Annual Dinner in September or October.  This is a date that we hope all members both young and old will make a point of keeping.  The venue is not yet finalised, but it will not be in a pub.  So the younger members need have no qualms about attending.  The price will, we hope be in the region of 7/- a head.  Please let the Hon. Sec. Know if you are contemplating coming to this dinner so he may have an idea how many to cater for.  There is of course no objection to any member bringing his or her girl/boy friend.

By the way, ‘letting the Hon. Sec. know’ doesn’t mean writing to him in about 6 or 7 weeks time.  Pick up your pen and paper now; if you can’t write ask Mum or Dad to do it for you.


Club Library

There are still quite an astonishing number of books still not accounted for.  Will any member with club books in his possession PLEASE either send it/them back or, drop Hal Perry a line to tell him where it/they are.


To remind you that there are trips to: -

August Hole July 1st.; Trip to Pyrenees July 8th. - 23rd.; Lamb Leer, 15th. July; London Section Mendip meet July 25th. -  August 8th; G.B. Beginners trip 30th. July.  For details see your programme card.


Leaders are still need for trips for September, October and November, and articles are still needed for the BB.


Thanks to Fred Targett for providing a lorry and lots of cheerful assistance to move tons of slag for the car park.


T.H. Stanbury,            Hon. Sec. 74, Redcatch Road, Knowle, Bristol. 4.
F.W. Young,               Hon. Assist. Sec., The Barton, Stanton drew, Nr. Bristol
W.J. Shorthose,          Hon. Sec. London Section B.E.C. 26, Gateside Road, Upper Tooting, S.W. 17.
H. Perry,                    Acting Librarian, 20, Northfield Avenue, Hanham, Bristol.