Spring Dance

The Social Committee of the B.E.C. announce that a Spring Dance will be held in ST. MATTHEW’S CHURCH HALL, REDFIELD, BRISTOL, on FRIDAY, APRIL 14th. from 7.30 to 16.30, Tickets, price 2/6 are obtainable from Hon. Sec., A.C. Johnson, Miss Pam Richards, Johnny Pain, and Johnny Bindon. The success of this dance depends on the efforts of ALL, and we ask all members to make an effort to sell tickets. Each member's efforts will be reflected in the result, so let us make an all-out effort.

There is one point of difference between this dance and the last one. There will be no re-admission for anyone after 9.45, even club members.

All profits will be devoted to the Hut Fund.


We are please top announce that two more Club members have taken the awful step!! Congratulations to Henry Shelton and to Bobbie Bagshaw who have both recently announced their engagements.


We are now in a position to supply members with carbide at 9d. a pound. Please bring your own tin. This cannot, of course, be sent by post. By the way, the prices quoted for lamps, etc., are ‘collect’ prices. Please add postage if delivery is wanted.


Anyone who wishes to fill in a Saturday on Mendip, get in touch with Hal Perry, who is always willing to organise a ‘last minute’ trip. You can contact him on Thursdays, or at 20, Northfield Ave., Hanham, Bristol

South Devon Episode.

Being a few brief notes culled from sundry sources on a trip to uncivilised parts on the last weekend in Feb.

Four M/Cs travelled down on Friday night together with John Pain and John (Menace) Morris in the latter’s car loaded with kit. They arrived at the ‘Jolly Sailor’ Teignmouth just before closing time, after a very wet journey. The sleeping arrangements were rather staggering to the usual Belfry Types. Through the kindness of Mrs. Morris four bods had the unusual luxury of sleeping between clean sheets for the weekend. The others were comfortably ensconced in fug-bags about the house. It is to be noted that Mr. Morris made sure that the Bar Door was securely locked before turning in. Breakfast was taken in style at a café across the road.

After the usual M/C repair session the party started out for Bakers Pits at Buckfastleigh, where a happy and muddy time was had by all. (I am given to understand that the caving reports will be arriving in the form of another article in a few days. Ed.) George was the star performer of the day, winning a suitable prize for crawling backwards up a dirty 45 degree drainpipe.

The party then returned by ones and twos to T’mouth, some to fry eggs and sausages all over Mrs. Morris’ gas stove, others to advise. They found Pam Richards and Tony Johnson well entrenched in front of a roaring fire having had a very wet journey down by M/C. Tony reports that he acted as a human spark-plug most of the time, when his ht lead got wet. In the evening after the gathering of the clans, visits were paid to the local high spots. Many and various were the songs sung until a late hour, when all trooped off to get some shut-eye.

Next morning came too soon, but what a morning, just like summer. The most amazing part of the trip was that more than half of the party were to be seen walking along the beach soon after 9 o’clock. Unfortunately, a carefully laid plan to fetch Pam & Marlene (John Morris’ sister) out of bed at an unearthly hour ran adrift for we heard nothing of it; still, better luck next time.

After another filling breakfast a move was made towards Torquay. The convoy set off round the coast road, but a diversion up a precipice known as Squeeze Belly Lane caused a bit of excitement although John M. stalled the car’s engine.

After a short stop by the harbour during which some of our climbing brethren did some natty traverses round the end of the jetty on a two inch ledge. (Would they have been so keen if they knew there was a 30’ depth of water below them?). The next stop was on the marine drive from where the party walked to Anstey’s Cove. Here everyone tried to outdo each other in deft antics, some heavy waves adding to the fun. From here to ’s cavern and then a return to Teignmouth, from where a start home was made at about 6.00.

One member had a blow-out by Star Cross. Six stayed to cope with it and the others pressed on. After many mendings and pinchings they gave up and bought a new tube. Whilst this was going on, a fry of Bacon and Eggs and Sausages were made on the top of the petrol tanks of the local garage where operations were conducted.

All at various time had a most welcome cup of hot coffee at Sett's house in Taunton for it was a very cold night.

All members who went south are very grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Morris for all the trouble they took to make our weekend so successful. Everyone who went agreed that is was as good as weekend as they had ever spent. One again, thank you ‘Jolly Sailor’. We all hope we shall see more of you.

List of Members 1950. No.1

T.H. Stanbury, Hon. Sec. 74. Redcatch Road, Knowle, Bristol. 4.
D.H. Hassell, 1. Stoke Hill Cottage, Chew Stoke, Somt.
R. Wallace 32. Springleaze, Knowle, Bristol. 4.
J.V. Morris Ye Olde jolly Sailor Inn, Teigmouth, Devon
S.C.W. Herman 34. Jubilee Road, Knowle, Bristol. 4.
R.J. Bagshaw 11. Hillcrest, Knowle, Bristol. 4. (Life Member)
G.H. Fern 29. Kinsale Road, Knowle, Bristol. 4.
L. Peters 21. Melbury Road, Knowle, Bristol. 4.
J.C.W. Weekes 376. Wells Road, Knowle, Bristol. 4.
R. Woodbridge 384. Wells Road, Bristol. 4.
A.E. Baxter 92. Baywatch Road, Knowle, Bristol. 4.
E. Knight 48. Grafton Street, St. Philips Marsh, Bristol
R. Brain 10. Weston Ave., Cossham Road, St. George, Bristol. 5.
Mrs. I.M. Stanbury 74, Redcatch Road, Knowle, Bristol. 4.
C.H. Kenney 5. Vicars Close, Wells, Somt.
A.C. Johnson 48. The Crescent, Henleaze, Bristol. 66478

These list appear for the information of members, so that they can contact those who live near them.


Today we welcome an old friend, Andre Constantine Anastasiou better known as just, Andre, has sent us the following drawings. These reproduced are, of course, tracings, but they make a welcome change.

Thanks a lot Andre, lets be having some more. For the newcomers who have not had the pleasure of meeting Mad Andre, he is a bearded joyful type who has emigrated to the He is a fine cartoonist and several books of his drawings on caves exist. Some, alas have been Swiped by the unscrupulous, but several remain intact.

We still need articles for the BB, having received only ONE since the last issue. Come on chaps. Cough up! and so save the Editor going completely grey!

The Programme.

All members will, by now have received their Programme Cards for the coming Three Months; these are only a few of the trips to be undertaken by the club during that time. Other trips, organised by members or groups of members will take place almost every weekend, and it is to your advantage to attend the Thursday Meetings and also to go to the Belfry at weekends so that you may know of these trips. Members will appreciate the utter impossibility of running a three months programme where every weekend is filled, as although many members can guarantee to lead a trip once or twice during this period, they could not of course tell if circumstances would prevent them if they volunteered more often. We should be very pleased to hear from anyone who would care to lead parties during the three months of June, July and August. Just send in your name and date you can manage, the name of the Cave (or Climb) and the time to Frank Young, whose address you will find at the end of this BB.

Sales Service

We have been fortunate to obtain a small number of water-tight steel boxes size 9” x 4½” x 2½”. They have a carrying handle, and are rubber gasketted. They would be ideal for cameras, etc. and we are selling them at the colossal price of 1/6 each. First come, first served.

We also have for sale: -

Club Bats printed on calico, for caving Clothes, at 3d. each; Huwood Helmets, Cromwell Helmets, Premier Lamps and spare parts for same, Carbide containers for Premier Lamps complete with screw cap for carrying a spare charge of carbide easily; Prickers for Premier Lamps. We can also supply members camping and caving wants at reasonable prices, send in your ‘wants list’ to frank Young.


Visitors to London are ensured of a welcome at John Shorthose’s. Give him a ring; BALham 7545 is the number, the address is below.


Articles for the BB are still in urgent need. PLEASE tell us about your trips and excursions. The Hon. Sec. says that his well of effort is almost exhausted. (Loud cheers from all!!)


T.H. Stanbury, Hon. Sec. 74, Redcatch Road, Knowle, Bristol. 4.
F.W. Young, Hon. Assist. Sec., The Barton, Stanton drew, Nr. Bristol
W.J. Shorthose, Hon. Sec., L.S., 26, Gateside Road, Upper Tooting, S.W. 17.
A.M. Innes, Hon. Librarian. 246, Filton Ave., Horfield, Bristol. 7.