Congratulations to Johhny Pain and Miss Pam Richards on their recent engagement. You’re a lucky guy, John.

Future Programmes

At a recent Committee meeting it was decided that the following members would be responsible for the arranging of trips and the distribution of the Programme Cards:- F. Young, J.C. Weekes, R. Cantle, R.J. Bagshaw, and K. Dobbs. If you have any ideas for trips contact any of the above or send them to F. Young, whose address will be found at the end of this BB.


It’s a long time since the poets of the Club did their stuff !! If this should be called poetry the Editor hasn’t a clue, but, here, for what its worth is an Epic entitled:-


Binder, which makes the Caver wise,

And fit for holes of every size,

Is that delicious brew that Sett transmutes,

From water, paraffin and cavers’ boots;

That hateful liquor, with its gruesome hue

Ruins the taste and turns red Litmus blue.


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