List of Members 1948 No.9,

T. Kendrick,                    Cherry Street, Bingham, Notts
W. Mack                         313 Watford Road, St. Albans, Herts
Miss P.M. Brazier,           14. Kendale Road, Bridgwater, Somerset
W.J. Shorthose,              Hon. Sec. London Section B.E.C.,
                                      7 Marius Mansions, Rowfant Road, Balham, London S.W.18
Mrs. L. Eno                     6 Saville Place, Clifton, Bristol.8
Miss. V,N. Inseal             35 Petherton Road, Knowle, Bristol 4
T. Driver                          10 St. Pauls Road, Clifton, Bristol
G. Ratcllffe (138)              2 Mayfield Road, Dagenham, Essex
R.H. Morgan                    4. Brook Road, Montpelier, Bristol 6
B. Smailes                      16 Armoury Square, Stapleton Road, Bristol
F. leR. Perree                  University Settlement, Barton Hill, Bristol 5
Miss. F. Chapman           38 Devonshire Road, Westbury Park, Bristol 6
R.T. Humpidge                26. Cavendish Road, Henleaze, Bristol.

Found!! Found!! Found!!

We seem to be making a habit of finding watches.  A watch has been found in Swildons Hole. Found in the wet way this watch is of the type hopefully designated as "Waterproof".  Will all claimants write the Hon. Sec. who has the watch in his possession. A claim was laid to it by the Marine Commandos who visit Swildons occasional, but the watch lost by them was of a totally different type to that found.

Caving Exhibition

The Exhibition at Bristol Museum attracted great attention in the district and has been acclaimed a great success.  From the Club point of view the exhibition marked the first publication of the provisional plan of Stoke Lane, and the showing, for the first time, of a number of Photographs taken there.  Except for the Plan which is copyright, the idea of strict suppression of the Club name was kept to, although several blatant exceptions were noticed from others.

Report on the Annual General Meeting

1.  It was prop by R.A. Setterington Sec by D.A. Coase that D.H. Hasell be elected Chairman of the meeting, this was carried unam.

2  Hon Sees Report.

This report was compiled on Nov 28th.

Our membership at the present moment stands at 94. That being the number whose subs have been paid and whose membership is current. Besides those there are a small number whose Subs, are due and will probably send them in during the next few days.

The proposal at the last AGM that the subs for new members run to the anniversary of their date of joining has been carried out with the result that a. the club is assured of a steady income through the year instead of having all the subs coming in on Jan.1st. b. The Hon Sec. has far less work to do, it being far easier to type one or two remainder forms per month than 100 in Jan.

A considerable increase in the tempo of caving has been noticed in the last few months. But we should be glad if members could a. send in a report of their trips so that the club can have some record of the activities of its members & b. let us know in advance as far as is practical where members are going each week.  If this had been done there would not have been the uproar in the papers and the police inquiries about the clothing at GB.  The survey of Stoke Lane has at last been published; it is only provisional and will I hope be superseded by a another issue latter on. The difficulties on S/L seem to keep people away from the place when there is work to be done. Certain Surveying instruments have been bought and it is hoped that members will use them in caves as well as finding their way over hilltops.

Tackle. A. quantity of rope has been bought and put into our reserve stock. One ladder has been condemned but has not been rebuilt owing to the fact that there is so little interest in the tackle shown by members that the last two ladders were made almost in their entirety by three or four people who have rebelled against further forced labour.

Belfry. A separate report will be coming from the Hut warden, and I will not trespass on his ground except to say that our new Hut still awaits the willing hands of members to help in its  . erection.

Exhibition. The exhibition being held at the city Museum has a great success and I have been asked to read the following letter:-

Dear Mr. Stanbury,

My committee have asked me to extend to you their sincere thanks for the splendid effort which the Bristol Exploration Club and the Cave Diving Group have made in connection with the Mendip Caving Exhibition. They are indeed gratified with the response, and are pleased that such cooperation has been proved possible and has led to such happy results.

The exhibition is proving of great interest to the public, and my Committee are delighted that such a representative collection has been made possible by the goodwill and collaboration of all concerned. Will you please thank your Societies on our behalf,  I feel that our especial thanks are due to those members who undertook not only to attend the Committee meetings in connection with this exhibition, but also did such a great deal of the actual arrangement. Will you please express my thanks to those concerned.

Yours sincerely, (signed) F.S. Wallis, Director.

As mentioned in the Belfry Bulletin earlier in the year, we have absorbed the Clifton Caving Club, These lads have been doing some fine work recently and are now experimenting with photography,

A London Section of B.E.C, has been formed and this will be discussed later in the evening.

Belfry Bulletin. A change in format during the year has been claimed as a great Improvement. The Bulletin has been produced more regularly this year than last, but there are very few sending in articles etc. for publication. Please make every endeavour to make our Bulletin a real news sheet. This is another reason why we want reports of trips.

The Hon. Sec. has obtained a blasting license and will be only too pleased to bang any and every hole that the ”digging” members want enlarging.

Library. During the year a number of new books have been purchased, and every opportunity has been taken to increase the amount of caving literature available to members. A number of obsolete travel books have been withdrawn and sold, the proceeds going towards new books. There are still a number of books missing, and I ask you once again to hunt them out and return them.

I should like to hand a special bouquet to Jim Weekes for the way that he took over the secretarial work of the club during my illness at the beginning of the year.

A social sub-committee has been formed to handle and arrange such things as dances etc..

In conclusion, this year has been the most successful in the history of the Club,  I say this every year, and I expect that it gets quite monotonous to hear me say it year after year. From the Club point of view however, it speaks well for the future of the B.E.C, when for a large number of years running, we can say that each year saw a step forward on the year previous. The coming year depends upon each member, and the amount of work and effort that he or she puts into club affairs. Our percentage of active members is I believe, as high, if not higher than any other club in the area, and we must try to make it oven higher next year.

Arising from the above. R. Wallace asked what instruments had been purchased. A list was read by D.A. Coase and included the following:- 2 compasses; 1 clinometer; 2 tripods; and a simple theodolite.

3. London Section,

D.A. Coase explained the idea behind the formation of the London Section. As a fair number of members are resident in the London area, the Section was formed both for Armchair caving and fieldwork. The section would be self supporting for all work in that area.

J.M. Tompsett proposed that a London Section be formed officially, this was seconded by R.A. Setterington and carried.

4.  Financial Reports,

The year’s financial sheet is separate and every member will find it attached to this BB.

Arising from 4. R. Wallace proposed that the A.G.M. be held after the end of the financial year and that a financial statement be sent to members with the A.G.M. Agenda. This was sec. by R. Woodbridge and carried.

R.M. Wallis proposed by letter that the "Graded Subs" for the Belfry Sleepers be dropped. This was seconded by D.A. Coase and carried*

D.A, Coase proposed that the Hut Subs be increased from 1/- to 1/6 and 1/- for Junior members, per head until such time as the debt on the hut be paid off.  This was sec by J.C. Weekes. When put to the vote the motion was defeated only 8 members being in favour.

R.A. Setterington proposed that the £2 'Season Ticket' for the Belfry be pressed in the BB. This was seconded by Mrs. Tompsett and carried.

The subs for Life Members was discussed and J.A. Dwyer proposed that the matter be left to the committee. This was sec. by Mrs. Tompsett and carried.

At this stage Mr. Setterington announced that P. Daymond had joined the regular R.A.F. and that F. Shorland was in Africa. The Hon Sec. explained that all members of the regular Forces paid a subs, whilst in , but when they were posted overseas the club continued their membership until their return.

5,  Results of Committee Election.

The Hon. Sec. announced the results of the Election:-

T.H, Stanbury               44
D.H. Hasell                   37
R.A. Setterington          30
J.C.Weekes                  22
A.M.Innes                     21
Miss P. Richards          20
G.T. Lucy                     15
S.C.W. Herman            13
R. Woodbridge              12
J.M. Tompsett               11
S.A.J.Bosworth             4

The committee for 1949 therefore being:- Stanbury, Hasell, Setterington, Weekes, and Innes.

T.H. Stanbury proposed that D.A. Coase be co-opted to represent the London Section. This was sec. by G.T. Lucy and carried.

T.H. Stanbury told the meeting that an Assistant Sec. was very necessary owing to the very limited time at his disposal.  Mrs. Tompsett proposed that Miss. P. Richards be appointed. This was sec by G. Ridyard and carried.

It was proposed by R.A. Setterington and sec. by G.T. Lucy that T.H. Stanbury be appointed Hon. Sec and Treasurer. This was carried.

It was proposed by D.A. Coase and sec. by G.T. Lucy that R.A. Setterington be appointed Hut Warden and Tackle Officer.

It was proposed by J.A. Dwyer and sec. by Mrs. Tompsett that G.T. Lucy be appointed Hut Warden and Tackle Officer.

A vote was taken and R.A. Setterington was appointed to the post the voting being:- Setterington 13; Lucy 7.

6, Hut Wardens Report,

D.A. Coase reported very briefly that the foundations for the new hut were well under way, but that there was a considerable amount of work still to be done. The state of the existing Belfry is bad, and the new hut will have to be kept far cleaner that the old one.

A ladder is being re-roped and a lot of new equipment has been added to the club assets. This consists mainly of digging and, surveying gear.

Nothing further has been heard of the tent etc, that was missing and 2 caving helmets are also missing.

The Hon, Sec. asked why in view of the missing articles, why the lock on the main door had not been repaired. It was agreed that the new hut must be made burglar proof.

R. Wallace proposed that a sub-committee be appointed to push forward the erection of the new hut. This was sec. by Mrs. Tompsett and carried.

A. Johnson proposed that the whole question of internal arrangements be left to the General and Belfry Committees. This was seconded by R. Brain and carried.

7, The state of the Library Books

…was commented on by the Hon. Sec. and also the fact that few reports of trips were being sent in.

8  Plans for 1949,

The activities of the Club in broad outline were discussed and the following., tabulated for Committee discussion,

a          A complete survey of Stoke Lane,
b.         Photography of Stoke Lane,
c,         Trips other than Caving. (Climbing etc.).
d.         Cross Swallet,
e          Paes Dig.
f.          A Foreign Trip,

9,  Any other business

It was stated that for those wishing to work on the Belfry transport to and from the Belfry to Hillgrove would be guaranteed.

It was proposed that the Library fine system be overhauled. This was proposed by R. Wallace and sec. by D.A. Coase. The matter was referred to the Committee.

A vote of thanks was given to Mrs. Weekes for her kindness in loaning a room for the meeting.

The meeting closed at 9.30, there being 30 present at the meeting.

Members will be sorry to hear the our good 'clubite' R.A. Setterington met with an accident at Priddy recently. He was taken to Wells Hospital with facial injuries. However I have just had a message from him that he has returned home and he wished to thank everyone who either visited him or enquired for him. Good show Set!! Glad you’re in circulation again. .

To bring our list of Members for 1948 up to date, we are pleased to welcome the following new members:-

O.F. Rendell,                19. The Drive, Henleaze, Bristol.
Miss. S. Bowden-Lyle,   31 Highworth Road, St. Annes Park, Bristol;

From the Hon. See's Postbag:-

From our old friend and member Andre C. Anastasiou of Salt Lake City, now in Belfast:- ------ I saw in the Daily Mirror of a woman who left her clothes outside a cave on Mendip.-------Sounds as though the old B.E.C, must have been in on the hunt.-----------.

The only hole around here is a small hole with a total depth of about 10 ft (Members who don’t know Andre will be interested to know that he is the bod responsible for the books of cartoons signed Andre, that are so popular in club circles, and caused such hilarity at the recent Exhibition.)

From Fred Shorland who has been exported to Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia as a Human being and not by HM Forces.;- .

This country is honeycombed with caves in various piaces, but the distances are so great that one doesn’t get much chance of looking at any of them—----.

Black's Bulletin for Christmas 1948 has arrived and has the usual interesting features.

Song of a Speleo-Biologist

We print the following without comment:-

I like to see a centipede and to hear its martial tread.
And the sight of spiders fighting, it makes me reel in dread.
Bugs and beetles, lice full fittle,
Big worms, small fleas, if they're kittle.
Snails and leeches they bite my breeches
It's these that make me go!
With a clanking of collecting case, and chewing bubble gum!
With the nightly catch stowed safely in medicated rum!
A helmet's on my head and rotgut's in my tum!!!
As I speleo-biologising go.

Terry Reed

I beg to submit the above atrocity for publication on the BB., Terry    Off the Amazon, 2/13/48.

Apologies to all for the almost month's delay in this issue. Pressure of Work, Xmas and the general aftermath of the A.G.M. have all contrived to make it impossible to turn it out sooner.

BY THE WAY, Do YOU realize that you can get a Belfry Season ticket enabling you to stay (if you wish)permanently at the Belfry for as little as £2!!!! A Season Ticket is a great asset to the "Regular Belfry User" enabling him to save pounds during the year. Applications will be dealt with is strict rotation.

Financial Report for 1948

For the purchase of a Now Belfry we have been loaned by club Members the sum of £97/15/--

This sum will be repaid as soon as we are able to do so, it being born in mind that a certain cash balance is essential for the running of the club, and that the figures given below represent that balance.





By Equipment fees!
By Sales to members and friends:--
By Annual Subscriptions
By Belfry Income:
By Library Fines



To Membership CRG:
To Tools & Equip
To Goods. for Resale
To Belfry Expenditure
Books BB Stamps Gen Sec Execs



Total Income 1948


Total Expenditure


Profit on years working                     £5/ 1/2.

Cash in Hand on Jan 1st. 1948          £16/l6/4½

Cash in PO Account                         £16/ 7/5

Total Club Monies on 30/11/48          £21/17/6½

The above lists show that there is an increase in the sales income but that Belfry income is less than that of 1947.  Annual subs show an increase as go Equip fees.  Library fines are also down.

Expenditure on Tools and Equipment is increased, as has goods for resale. Although this item shows 125p.c. increase the corresponding profit can be seen in the credit column. Belfry expenditure is up as expected, and will greatly increase during the coming year. Miscellaneous items are down, by £6.  In this category comes paper etc for the B.B. some £10, then Library books some £5, stamps printing etc, Photographic papers etc for the Exhibition, and general secretarial exes...