Editorial notes

Bristol Youth Service Register

The Club is now on the above register, and any circulars will be available at HQ as and when they arrive.  We have one which is of interest to any member under 18 who wishes to learn to swim.  Tuition is available at reduced rates to those who wish to take advantage of it.

Noise at The belfry.

The Hut Warden tells me that Mr. Beecham, our Landlord, has lodged a strong complaint about the noise at the Belfry late at night.  It is very necessary that this shall not happen again; so would all concerned please remember that the Farmhouse is very near and STOP THE RACKETT.

Cave Research Group.

CRG News Letters Nos 4 & 5, dated May, 1947, have arrived and are available at Head Quarters.

Smuggler’s Hole, Northcott Mouth, Bude, N. Cornwall.

Page 2 of this issue is a plan of the entrance passage of this cave, which was surveyed by THS on 7/4/47.  We plan a trip to carry on the dig at this site on the third week-end in August. (Aug.16-17). It will be a week-end Camp. Will all Members who are interested please let the Hon. Sec. know as soon as possible, so that Transport arrangements and Camp Site can be arranged in good time.

Badger Hole, Wookey Hole'

This Excavation is still being carried on by Mr. H.E. Balch every Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 5pm.. He is always glad to welcome anyone who is interested and willing to work.  This is a very interesting site that will well repay a visit.

Mrs Joan Fountain, (and the Trickle)

Those of you who have been regular visitors to 74 Redcatch will remember Joan, who caused a great deal of fun while she was with us.  She is now a fully fledged Farmer's wife in Texas, and her troubles have changed from Wolves after her virtue to Hawks after her chickens.  The Trickle is fit and well, and she tells us that his favourite game is hiding in 'orrid ‘oles.

Another Scweek from Herman

The Hon. Sec. has done some caving in the depths of his filing system and discovered the lost limerick. Yer tez.

Now Bozzies a nice chap to know,
Tho' his Motorbike seldom will go.
If he does pet it running,
By some feat of cunning,
It is almost always on tow.

My compliments to the President of the Anti-C.D.G.  The Limerick about THS was printed with the full approval of his spouse and she asks me to say that she made a bigger mistake than he did.

CDG Somerset Section, Redcatch Group.

At the Henleaze Lake recently certain members have been having a fine time searching the bottom for obstructions thrown in during the war, and have retrieved to date - 2 oil drums, 1 waste paper basket, 1 large length of pipe.  It is reputed that there is a bedstead on the bottom, if it is found it will be presented to Dizzie and Postle as a wedding present.


Belfry Regulations

  1. CHARGES. For use of Belfry for feeding and changing:- 3d. Members Tsleeping;- l/- per night. For non-members;- 2/- per night.  These charges to include fuel for cooking, and lighting.
  2. PAYMENT. All money to be paid to the Hut Warden, or his deputy, before the person(s) leaves the Belfry.
  3. NOISE. Unnecessary noise after 10 p.m. is PROHIBITED. The Hut Wardens decision as to what noise is unnecessary will be final, and if any member(s) does not accept it, a posse will be enrolled forthwith, and said member(s) will be dumped in Mineries Pool.
  4. GENERATOR. The petrol-Electric Generator must-not be touched by any person, other than the Hon. Engineer.
  5. CLEANNESS. Members using the Belfry are responsible for keeping the place clean, and parties will be detailed by the Hut Warden for this purpose.
  6. KEY.  The key is obtainable from the Hon. Sec. or any committee member. Keys are also available on loan, upon payment of a deposit of 1/6, to any member who, in special circumstances, may require one.

The committee reserve the right to make any alterations to these rules at any time, without notice. Any such alterations will be published in the BB.

Programme for July, August and September.

July 5-6th           Digging at Bog Hole.

July 20th            Eastwater. If sufficient nos. are available, the whole cave, down both routes will be laddered.

Aug. 2-4th          Bank Holiday meet at the Belfry. Open programme.

Aug. 16-17th       Week end camp at Smuggler’s Hole, Bude.  Leader T.Stanbury

Aug. 16-34th       Weeks caving in Derbyshire. Leader D.A.Coase

Anyone interested in these two trips apply to Hon Sec for details.

Aug. 31st           G.B. and Reads Grotto.

Sept. 14th          More Muddy Mendip Mine Shafts, including Ores Close Cave Mine.

Sept. 28th          Burrington Coombe.  As many holes as energy permits.


We have just learnt that S.J. (Alfie) Collins became engaged to Jean ?., at Whitsun. Congratulations Alfie, but make sure she doesn’t object to you caving before it is too late.

Our Belfry On The Hill

(with apologises to stinker)

At our Belfry on the Hill,
Your'll often find the fellows congregating,
At our Belfry on the Hill.
They use the place for everything but mating,
They may be talking caving, but often they do not.
A dose of Belfry Binder will be festering in the pot.
You may think its a medicine, but believe me folks, its not,
At our Belfry on the Hill.

At our Belfry on the Hill, The Warden of the Hut is really wizard,
At our Belfry on the Hill, We know a frozen tike who hates his gizzard.
He keeps the place in order, writes the log, and does the chores.
He's very glad we had to put the detail out of doors,
He really ought to clean it, but he says the job is yours,
At our Belfry on the Hill.

At our Belfry on the Hill, We welcome all additions to our party,
At our Belfry on the Hill. We guarantee the welcome will be hearty.
So come along and see us, we'll be glad to have you call,
If you want to spend the night you'll find the cost is small.
We have to watch the Warden or he doesn't pay at all,
At our Belfry on the Hill.

Another verse of this horrible doggerel was written, but thank the Lord we haven’t room to include it.

This Weekes' Cross-word Puzzle

Well, folks, yes tiz at last, the long awaited X-word by the longest Stream - beg pardon - member of the BEC.  We are running it as a competition, and the rules are very simple.

  1. All Members are eligible to enter except the Hon. Editor, and 1854093 Sergeant James W'eekes, N.E.G., the perpetrator of this outrage.
  2. The entry fee shall be 6d per entry. Members may send as many entries as they like. I.O.U.s will not be accepted.
  3. Entries must be sent, or delivered in a sealed envelope, marked "Comp", to The Hon. Editor, The Belfry Bulletin, 74.Redcatch Road, Bristol 4.
  4. All entries must be received by July 10th 1947.
  5. The prize will be:-  Either ,10 free nights doss at the Belfry, or Free Membership for 1948, as the winner desires.
  6. The winner will be the sender of the first correct, or most nearly correct, solution opened by the Hon. Editor at the Club Meeting on Thursday July 10th.
  7. Entries that have altered or mutilated or do not contain the Entry Fee will be disqualified.
  8. The Editor's decision on all Matters concerning this competition is final.



1          An Englishman’s home---The Cosiest on Mendip (6,2,7)
9          Dizzy looked neither when thrown into Minery Pond! (4,2,9)
10         Nothing to do with BEC but its a gem.
11         This way in Swildon's.
13         RAF “RSM”
14         The Better 'Ole
15         Sometimes happens to Rasputin's Gears
16         Apply
18         A starched collar at the Sump? More likely a bad ankle.
21         A lamb brings Woodbridge's favourite cuss-word to mine.
23         Looking for street in Paris? No, the trend of a fat man's thoughts in the drainpipe.
25         Keep it Iow for stability
26         You can’t take your this underground.
28         Missed? Have another throw. (5,5)
31&32   Science probably inspired by growing mushrooms in the cellar. (6&6).


1          Coy Nan, the Colorados Grand. A Child of a concentration camp?
3          Was Barnes knocked for this in Swildon's?
4          Not a polite bovine, or a new style of tie.
5          There’s one all round the Island
6          Waterproof? Then they will strike!
7          Splash! Don’t be a fool, thats not a tiddler in the Double Pot.
8 & 22   What the caver told when he has towork on Sunday (4,2,6).
12         China Seas? no, a Mendip Swallet
14         Yorkshire Ghyll.
17         Palindromic British Hole.
19         14-lbs.of rock.
20         "Purgatory” is a noted one.
21         You need one after visiting this cave?
22         See 4
24         Hard water
27         Why take lights?
29         Hoi! Its in a knot.
30         Woman's name.

The above puzzle was sent in in response to our request for contributions. We have also received a number of other articles; the total number, however is not large, and we hope that there will be more forthcoming, soon. The more that reach us the more variety you will all have in BB.  We would like criticism too, tell us what you like and we will give you more, and vice-versa.


Members will be delighted to hear that the Hon. Treasurer has told me that the debt outstanding for the Belfry has been settled, and that the Belfry fund which covers all Belfry income and expenditure is in a very healthy state at the present time, the allowance made from the General Fund for internal fittings being fully repaid.