Editorial Notes

In this our second number, we are starting an inventory of the equipment available to members, as we believe that very few of the Club members know how much property the B.E.C, possesses.  As a start, we give a list of books in the Club library.

The furniture presented by Mr. B. A. Crew for use at "The Belfry" contained items which were of no direct use to us.  They were, however, sold for a goodly sum, which helped the funds round a tight corner.  If any other member has any similar White Elephants, we should be pleased to accept them for the same purpose.  Have a look in the attic, fellows!

It has been noted by some of our members, that certain persons - who seem to have learnt to write only recently - have defaced the walls of certain caves on Mendip with their names and the letters B.E.C.  It is well-known that the B.E.C. has access to all caves, and we would point out that such advertisements are completely unnecessary.,


The S.W.C.C. have a very attractive open meet over Easter.  Visits to Dan-yr-Ogof, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu and many other South Wales caves are planned.  Any member wishing to take part in this should notify the Hon. Secretary at once.

Official Announcements

Cave Research Group

The B.E.C. has now been formally elected a member of the C.R.G, and as information from this body is received it will be passed on to members.  News Letters 1 and 2 are now available.

Mendip Rescue Organisation

We have received notification that the M.R.O. reorganisation is now complete and we print in this Bulletin a copy of the new procedure in the event of accident. Copies of the M.R.O. Constitution are available at Headquarters.

Annual Subscriptions

We would remind members that subscriptions must be paid before 31st March to ensure continuity of service.

Procedure in the event of an accident

We call to the attention of members, the following extract from the MRO Constitution, which is of the greatest importance should occasion arise for its use.

  1. A member of party will go to the nearest callbox and ring Wells 97, (police).  Give number of callbox and name of cave in which accident
  2. The Police will ring Wardens in rotation.  To the first Warden in touch they will give the name of the cave and number of callbox.
  3. The warden will phone the callbox and ascertain the exact locality of accident, what injuries are known, and how many in party. He will call up wardens and Squad leaders as necessary.
  4. At the scene of the accident, the Senior Warden will take charge. In the event of the Senior Warden not being a doctor, he will collaborate with the doctor called out and follow his instructions in so far as to the treatment and removal of the patient.
  5. The Wells or Bristol ambulance to be called only on the instructions of the doctor. The MRO will not be responsible for expenses incurred.

Once again, I would stress the importance of these arrangements in the case of accidents, and ask all members to make sure they are familiar with them.

The Club Library

All books in the library are available to members free of charge for two weeks. They may be kept for a longer period, on arrangement with the Hon. Librarian. If the borrower does not return them on the due date, he becomes liable for a fine of 1d for the first week, plus 2d for the second, plus 3d for the third, etc. any member who cannot call at Redcatch Road for books, may borrow by post, provided he return the books by registered post. He would, of course, be subject to the usual fines on non-return of books.

A list of book at present in the library is appended as a supplement to this issue. As additions are made we will report them.

“The Belfry” Progress Report

The last two months of inclement weather has, surprisingly, seen some work put in on “the Belfry” by the Hon. Secretary and the Hut Warden, who risked life and limb to plough through innumerable snowdrifts. On one occasion, a shovel had to be used to dig the Hon. Secretary’s car (Ford – Ed) out of a drift to enable the party to return to Bristol.

The work has mainly been felting the walls which are now complete. The nameplate made by Tony Johnson and Johnnie Morris has been put in place, and looks very resplendent. Lining boards for the interior have been delivered, and a start made on the lining.

On Saturday, 1st February, the Hut Warden spent the whole weekend at “The Belfry”, and thus officially opened it for occupation.

At presnt, we have at “The Belfry”, 4 mattresses, 5 pillows, 5 sleeping bags and 9 blankets. For sleeping there are 6 bunks and a camp bed. (one bunk is already reserved for the Hut Warden).

Anyone wishing to use the Belfry is advised to contact the Hon. Secretary, or the Hut Warden, at 74 Redcatch Road, so that arrangements can be made regarding the key.

D.A. Coase
Hut Warden (17.3.1947)


We wish to thank the following members for the articles listed below, which will be found very useful to those using the Belfry.

A Johnsen                     Cups, plates, knives, forks.
T.H. Stanbury                pocket compass.
J. Bridges                      hurricane lantern.
R.A. Setterington           2 blankets,
Mrs, I.M. Stanbury         blanket.
Miss M. Akers               stirrup pump, lantern.
R. Woodbridge               4 shelter bunks
B.A. Crew                     quantity of furniture and bedding.

Thanks to

With reference to the remarks about his fags in B.B.1, Johnnie Pain - was very pleased to receive a cigarette from R. Brain.  He says, considering the distance it had to travel, that it was as good a smoke as he has ever had, and that the cadging of it needed no effort on his part.


We take great pleasure in announcing the engagement of two of our Club members. Miss M. (Dizzie) Akers to Mr. J.M. (Postle) Tompsett. Good luck to you both!   (God help you. )

Bog Hole

The excavation at Bog Hole, started in August, l944, by the Bristol University Society, has excited considerable interest among our members, as it is situated so conveniently near The Belfry.  As the University seemed to have abandoned the site, we approached them with a view to taking it over as a B.E.C. project.  We have now been informed that they have no objection to our taking over, and accordingly we shall start digging at the first opportunity,  D.A. Coase will be in charge of the work.

Swancombe Hollow

This site, although it was inspected early last year and permission obtained from the U.B.S.S. a little later, has not been started yet.  As I think it will be increasingly difficult to get help on this dig during the weekends, I propose to start working on weekday evenings.  The plan is not yet a concrete one, but the work will probably be done on Tuesday evenings.  Any members who would like to help can get the Gan from the Hon. Secretary.

D.H HasselI.

Belfry Bulletin

Back numbers of "Belfry Bulletin" are obtainable from the Hon. Secretary at a cost of 3d. per copy.

List of Publications Available from the BEC Library


Mendip Caves                                                   H.E.Balch
Netherworld of Mendip                                       H.E.Balch and E.A.Baker
Wookey Hole, the Cave and Cavedwellers           H.E.Balch
(available on special request from D.A.Coase)
Wookey Hole, Official Guide
Caving                                                              E.A.Baker
Dan-yr-Ogof, Offical Guide
Kent Caverns Guide
The Falls and Caves of Ingleton                          J.L.Hamer
The art of the Cavedweller                                  Bladwin Brown
Ten Years under the Earth                                 Norbert Casteret
Proceedings of the University of Bristol Speleological Society, Vol 5 nos 2 and 5
The British Caver, Vols. 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16
Caves and Caving, Vol. 1  Nos. 1,3,4, and 6 (No.2 is available on special request from D.A.Coase)
BSA programme of the Speleological Conference, 1939.
Carlsbad Cavern, () Picture folder.

Climbing and Mountaineering

Climbing in                                              J.E.Q.Barford
Mountaineering Holiday                                     F.S.Smythe
Mountain Prospects                                          Scott Russell
Adventures on a Mountain
Climbing Mount Everest                                     Ingls Finch
Ascent of Nanda Devi                                        H.W.Tilman
Snow on the Equator                                         H.W.Tilman
of the Moon                                      P.M.Synge


Geographical Magazine,                                    June to Oct, 1941. inclusive.
National Geographical Magazine ()               Vol 63, No, 6.
                                                                       Vol. 75, No, 3. 
                                                                       Vol. 79, No 4
Voyage round the World                                    Anson
In Quest of the Sun                                           A.Gerbault
Cruise of the Cachalot                                      
Great African Mysteries                                     L.G.Green
In Dwarfland and Cannibal Country                      A.E..Lloyd
Travels on the Amazon                                      Wallace
Euphrates and the Tigris
Arctic Ocean to Yellow Sea                               Price
Wanderings in China.(in Two Volumes)               Cummings
as we saw it                                            Pickerseth
New Zealand                                                     Max Hers
Somoa                                                             G. Turner
Headhunters                                                     A.C.Haddon
Gold dust and Ashes                                         L. Idress
Lassester’s Last Ride                                        L. Idress (semi fiction)
Scotts Last Expedition (in two volumes)


Geology Excursions handbook Bristol and Mendip Area    Reynolds
A short guide to the geology of Torquay