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A trip down one of Tony's favourite digs. A pint of some of Mendip's finest ales. A chat with all you mates. Click on read more to find out what's going on...UPDATED (Sunday 9th)


Dig Fest:

White Pit -  Meet Stuart Gardiner at the Belfry at 10:00 on Saturday
Caine Hill – Meet Trevor and the team at the site from 10:00 onwards on the Saturday
Rose Cottage has unfinished biz-the dig in Halfway – Meet Phil Coles at the Belfry 10:00
Stock's House Mine Shaft and Hunters' Lodge Inn Sink – Meet Tangent at 10:00 Belfry
Wigmore Home Close Meet Tony Audsley and team at the site from 10am up to early afternoon.
Wigmore digging at the end – Sherpa’s needed meet Chris Jewell at the Belfry at 09:30. (help take some of Tony’s ashes on his trip to Cheddar).
Reservoir Hole - Pete Glanvill and Martin Grass plus a few others will be digging Reservoir hole on the Saturday morning. Let Martin Grass know if you want to join them .They are meeting at the cave at 10:30hrs
Rolling Thunder – Swildon’s Meet Aubrey Newport at the Wessex Hut at around 10:30 on the Saturday.
Templeton – Templeton will be manned from 10 – 12am, during which time the lights will be on, and the pumps running.  It is intended to have a skip run.
Visitors are welcome to make their way to the bottom – oversuits, boots, helmets and lights will be needed.  In view of flooding, there is unlikely to be any digging.
The farmer has requested that no-one drives to the site.
John Hill will run visitors to the dig in his Land Rover, meet at the East Somerset Hut (by Eastwater Cavern field entrance) at 10am.  Otherwise, walk up from Lower Pitts farm (turn right out of Eastwater Lane, farm is first on left after ¼ mile.)  Walk up track, dig is in last field on right before Dursdon Drove.  Look for the spoil heap


JRAT’s Ashes

A  portion of the ashes are to be spread down the entrance of Hunters Lodge Sink, at around 1430 on the Saturday afternoon. The final portion is to be taken by way of the Minneries and The Five Buddles and the other digs in that location enroute to North Hill for spreading of the ashes at about 1530. It is hoped that Tony’s family, and other friends who didn’t make it to the original funeral service will all attend.

The intention is give a portion of the ashes to the Wigmore team to take into the streamway in Wigmore either for Saturday 15th or when they next go down Wigmore.

Some of Tony’s ashes are now in Scotland at the Grampian Hut awaiting the first through trip in RANA Hole.


Films and Talk Village Hall

The intention is after the ashes are spread on North Hill to make our way to the village hall for the films at around 1600. Tea and Coffee and cake will be available. If you are still thirsty from lunch-time the bar will be open at the village hall.

We plan to have some big display boards in the hall so please send digital copies to Stuart (Mac) McManus or bring copies of any photos, articles or anything you’d like to put on the boards at the village.
Films will include those made by Fraser Simpson of the GSG and shown at Hidden Earth with extras from this years Grampian Dinner.
Films and excerpts from a series of TV films which included JRAT over the years by Steve Sharp, Alan Gray, and Tony Boycott
Alan Gray will give a short talk on JRAT’s log books and some of the amazing statistics on his period of caving  over 44 years.


Drinking and Eating. 1830 -  1930

There’ll be a pig roast and Beef  at £2.50 per roll.  Food will be available until about 9pm or until it runs out!


JRAT’s Land-Rover Auction.   1930 – 1945

JRAT’s bright red land-rover is to be auctioned at the village hall by the “furry jacket brothers”  Mac and Martin Grass. There is a reserve.


Songs, and Anecdotes  1930 – 2200

Various singers, speakers, musicians to while the night away. With breaks for more beer and chats. If there is demand some of the Films shown earlier will be repeated. If you want to say something contact Rachael Clarke on 01749 678754.


Late Evening 2200 –  midnight:  

Dancing and a Tony-dance-alike competition bring a rose (paramedics will be in attendance) bring your old 45’ to be played by the BEC’s own resident DJ Paul Brock!




Visits to various Cave dig sites:–

  • Wigmore
  • Caine Hill
  • Hunters Lodge Inn Sink
  • Templeton
  • Rolling Thunder ( Swildons)
  • Tumbledown  (Swildons V)
  • White Pit
  • Rose Cottage

  And many more……More updates on the digs later

Contact Les Williams on canda[at]cscc[dot]org[dot]uk 01749 679839 or 07941029707           

Afternoon & Evening

Priddy Village Hall will be open from 3:30 pm with a bar and tea/coffee available.

We plan to have some big display boards in the hall so please send digital copies to Stuart (Mac) McManus smcmanus[at]wetltd[dot]co[dot]uk or bring copies of any photos, articles or anything you’d like to put on the boards at the village hall.

4.00 to 6.30 – Alan Gray, Fraser Simpson and others are putting together a collection of films, TV clips and your digital pictures of Tony.

6.30 to 7:30 – Drinking and Eating.

There’ll be a pig roast and Beef  at £2.50 per roll.

We have no idea how many people will come but we hope there’ll be enough for everyone.

Food will be available until about 9pm.

We plan to have some entertainment throughout the evening but there’ll be a tent outside the hall and hopefully plenty of opportunity to meet and talk as well as enjoying the entertainment.

Early Evening – music, songs, anecdotes and more beer!

Contact Rachael if you’d like to sing, play or speak.
rachaelclarke2[at]hotmail[dot]com or phone 01749 678754

Late Evening –  dancing and a Tony-dance-alike competition
(paramedics will be in attendance)

Keep checking the BEC web site  for updates.