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Saturday 10th November 2007

Memorial Plaque 

We are all meeting at the Belfry at around 0930 next Saturday 10th November, where we shall meet Dave’s family Mike Irwin and family. The intention is to go down Cuthberts with Dave’s nephew John Irwin to unveil the plaque in Cerberus Hall. We are hoping to take a few pints of lager and some lime juice as Dave was known occasionally to drink a half. We are then going to pour the remains of Dave’s ashes into the streamway, either at the Dinning Room or even perhaps at Gour Hall. We then exit the cave circa 1300 for drinks and nibbles at the Belfry, until about 1630.  All of the BEC are welcome.

Caving Books and Art Auction 

At about 1630 we go to the Village Hall for the auction and pre-priced book sell. The auction is starting at 1700 prompt followed by an auction of prints that also belonged to Dave. After this, the book stalls will be opened for people to buy the remainder of Dave’s books ~ 300 , that are priced in £1, £3, £5 and £10, these are going to be sold at various tables around the hall. Read more for auction details.

An Evening of Celebration 

Once this has been completed, there is a bar starting at around 1730 with free food, - bangers and mash and peas. This is to be followed by live music from Cheddar Blues Band, bar closes at around 2330. 

Free entry!!

The following books will be auctioned. Additionally there will be free standing tables with very modestly priced.

 1.  BAKER,E.A. Moors, Crags and Caves of the High Peak London, John Heywood

      [1903].  spine discoloured, some foxing.

 2.  BAKER,E.A.. Caving. London. Chapman Hall. 1932.  sound clean copy.

 3. BAKER,E.A., BALCH,H.E.  The Netherworld of Mendip. Clifton, J.Baker. 1907.

      spine discoloured but a good clean copy.

 4. BALCH,H.E.  Wookey Hole its Caves and Cave Dwellers.  London, Humphrey

      Milford. 1914.  ex BEC Library - some wear but good clean copy.

 5. BALCH,H.E.  The Mendip Caves. 2nd Wookey 1932. 1st Cheddar 1935.

      1st Swallet Caves 1937.  brown leathercloth, a little loose, Balch signature.

 6. BALCH,H.E.  The Mendip Caves. contents as above, green cloth.

 7. BALCH,H.E.  The Mendip Caves. 3rd Wookey 1947. 2nd Cheddar 1947.

      2nd Swallet Caves 1948.  dark green leathercloth.

 8. BALCOMBE,F.G.  The Log of the Wookey Hole Exploration Expedition.

      1935. Copy number 176 to Jessie signed Graham.

 9. BARING-GOULD,S. The Deserts of Southern France. 2 Vols. London, Methuen.

      1894. decorated blue cloth in very fine condition.

10.  BARING-GOULD,S.  Cliff Castles and Cave Dwellings of Europe. London,

       Seeley. 1911.  binding discoloured, some foxing.

11.  BUCKLAND,W. Reliquiae Diluvianae. 2nd edition. London, Murray. 1824.

       old quarter leather - marbled boards. sound copy.

12.  CATCOTT,G.S. A Descriptive Account of a Descent Made into Penpark-Hole.

       Bristol, Rudhall.  1792.  quarter leather - marbled boards, loose but clean.

13.  CHAPMAN,P. Caves and Cave Life.  London, Collins. 1993.  hardbound New

       Naturalist Series - modern but already scarce.

14.  COLEMAN,J.C. The Caves of IrelandTralee, Anvil Books. 1965.

       paperback - slightly soiled.

15.  COLLINSON,J. The History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset.

       Gloucester, Alan Sutton. 1983.  Microprint edition of all 3 volumes and index

       originally published in 1791.

16. COOK,S. The Jenolan Caves London, Eyre & Spottiswoode. 1889. red cloth

      faded and worn, slight foxing, one plate is photocopied.

17.  CORBEL,J. Les Karsts du Nord-Ouest de l’Europe. Lyon, Revue de Geographie.

      1957. paperback, front cover slightly soiled and creased.

18.  DAVIES,P. Pictorial History of  Swildons Hole. Wessex Cave Club. 1975.

       Limited edition of 300 copies but this un-numbered.  This in brown leathercloth

       in blue slip case and with dustwrapper - only 2 dustwrappers exist?  

19.  DAVIES,P. Pictorial History of  Swildons Hole. number 151 of 300 copies. This

       in blue leathercloth and blue slipcase.


21.  DAWKINS,W.Boyd.  Cave Hunting.  London, Methuen. 1874.  slight foxing but

       a very good copy.

22.  DAWKINS,W.Boyd.  Early Man in Britain London, Macmillan. 1880.

       spine worn and slightly discoloured.

23.  EASTMEAD,W. Historia Rievallensis.  London, Baldwin, Chadock & Joy.

       1824. binding a little loose, damaged front end paper.

24.  GOUGH,J.W. The Mines of Mendip.  Oxford, Clarendon Press. 1930.

       ex Royston Bennett - with dustwrapper.

25.  HARTWIG,G. The Subterranean World. 3rd edition. London, Longmans, Green.

       1875. red cloth, a little worn.

26.  HARTWIG,G. Marvels Under Our Feet.  London, Longmans, Green. 1888.

       front endpaper signed and stamped by previous owners.

27.  KNIGHT,F.A. The Sea-Board of Mendip.  London, Dent. 1902.

28.  KNIGHT,F.A. The Heart of Mendip.  London, Dent, 1915.  Newspaper obituary

       tipped in front cover.

29.  MARTEL,E.A. The Caverns of Derbyshire. Sheffield, W.Hartley Seed. 1914.

       translated from Irlande et Cavernes Anglaises by F.A.Winder et al. some wear.

30.  MARTIN,B. The Natural History of Somerset. being pages 53-88 of The

       Natural History of England. 1759.  nice modern quarter leather.

31.  PALMER,W.T. The Complete Hill Walker, Rock Climber and Cave Explorer.

       London, Pitman. 1934.

32.  PANTON,H. The Mammoth Cave of Kentucky. Louisville, Darnell. 1890.

       slight damage to cover and discoloured.

33.  PHELPS,W. The History and Antiquities of Somersetshire. 2 Vols. London,

       Nichols. Vol.1. 1836. Vol.2. 1839.  plates in Vol. 2 are photocopies.

 34.  PHELPS,W. The History and Antiquities of Somersetshire. London, Nichols.

       1836. differs from above in that this is Vol.1. Parts 1 & 2 of Antiquities.

       lacking 1 plate.

 35.  PORCH,T.Porch.  The Mysteries of Time, or, Banwell Cave. a Poem.

       2nd edition.  London, W.Straker. 1883. a very good copy in fine binding.

 36.  RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY.  Caves of the Earth. 1843.  Caves and Mines

       of the Earth. [c 1845]. together with:- Marvels of Creation. London, Nelson.1867.

       latter has spine broken.   3 books.

 37.  RUTTER,J. Delineations of the Northwestern Division of the County of

       Somerset. London, Longman. 1829. quarter leather bound copy with the

       additional illustrations.

 38.  RUTTER,J. As above. in full leather, spine loose, bookplate of George Henry

       Law, Bishop of Bath and Wells to whom this work was dedicated.

 39.  RUTTER,J. As above in original pictorial covers, soiled and spine loose,

       does not contain the additional illustrations.

40.  SEYER,S.  Memoirs Historical and Topographical of Bristol and it’s

       Neighbourhood. 2 Vols. Bristol, Gutch. 1821-1823 old leather binding in very

       poor condition.  title page of Vol. 1 missing.

41.  SHAW,T.R. Cave Illustrations Before 1900. Settle. BSA. 1967.

       paperbound, good clean copy.

42.  SMITH,J. Monograph of the Stalactites and Stalagmites of the Cleaves Cove.

       London, Stock. 1894.  very good copy.

43.  TRATMAN,E.K. The Caves of North-West Clare. Newton Abbot, David &

       Charles. 1969.  good copy with slightly worn dustwrapper.

44.  WALTHAM, al.  Karst and Caves of Great Britain. London, Chapman

       Hall. 1997.  as new.

45.  WELLS.   Three copies of:-Tourist’s Guide to Wells.  printed by Jackson [1870]

       Young [c187?] and Green. 1875.  the latter bound together with guides to

       Salisbury Cathedral, Glastonbury Abbey, Carlisle and The Tower of London.


47.  CLIMBING.  7 Climbing Club Journals consisting of- 3 Tricouni Club 1934-

       -1937.  3 Climbers Club 1906-1910, and 1 issue Yorkshire Ramblers Club 1936.  

48.  DAWKINS,W.Boyd.  Cave Hunting.  London, Methuen. 1874.  a very faded and

       tired copy.  

49.  BCRA. Caves and Caving. 1978-2002. 7 volumes in original BCRA green loose 

       folders. Later issues loose and recent copies of Speleology 2002-2006.

 50.  BCRA. Transactions, Cave Science and Cave and Karst Science 1974 onwards.  


This auction will continue with a sale of cave prints and art.