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********  Another ~50m  was added last weekend!!! ********

On Sunday 7th October 2007 Chris Jewell pushed an airbell in one of the downstream sumps to find a significant inlet.

While being supported by Rich Smith and Barry Lawton, he pushed an estimated 150m!

For more details click the read more button (updated Friday 12 October)

Saturday was the BEC AGM and no caving got done due to politics to excess!! However the usual party to excess on Saturday night didn't stop me hitting Wigmore on the Sunday - although at one point I almost didn't go..

I managed to perusade Rich L Smith and Barry Lawton to sherpa my kit down to dive base at the bottom of Yeo Pot and to wait for my return. I was only planning a quick trip - just to check out the airbell I'd seen a few weeks earlier at the beginning of 7. When I'd first been through some of the sumps with Stu I'd carried a line reel to Sump 5 and so I picked this up here. I also armed myself with a couple of silt screws, some cable ties and a few snoopies.

When I reached sump 7 I dropped down the pot and dived underneath the arch, then up the silt bank. It was here I'd seen the airbell last time so I paused to try and see it again. A slight move to my left showed the silvery surface ahead of me so I began to sort the line out. I placed a silt screw into the mud underneath me and cable tied to main line to it. Then I reeled off this with my main line reel. By the time this was done I was working in a cloud of zero vis but it didn't take long to break into clear water and reach the surface....

... I surfaced in a pool being fed by a small inlet stream with a sizable passage leading off. Firstly I secured the dive line and then dropped off my kit. The passage looked promising immediately and  I was pretty excited. I moved down a narrow rift initally before it opened out into a wander over boulders with stream way running between them. A couple of short climbs up got me passed obstructions in the passage and I estimated my distance at about 100m from the sump pool. Here the water i'd been following came from a lower passage, whilst I followed the larger drier route up a boulder and mud slope. After another 20m this ended at a climb I estimated at 15m and which looked quite free climable.

Back with the water the lower passage turned into a wet crawl which eventually stopped with a squeeze over gravel which would need just a bit of work to pass. I was extremely pleased with my afternoon's work but wanted to get back before my sherpa's mutinied so called it a day here, knowing that I'd be coming back as soon as possible to survey, take pictures and of course - carry on exploring!!

Stu Gardiner and I will be there this Sunday (hopefully)!!

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