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The latest Belfry Bulletin number 525 for Summer 2006 has now been  published. All club members will in time recieve a copy but if you are in a hurry you can downloaded or view it online.

For the web version navigate to it via Publications in the menu and to download go to the Publications then Download menu option. Of course you've got to log in first, otherwise you won't see it.

Only registered members can view the last 12 months issues.  

Contents include:

  • A hearty hello from your editor
  • Meghalaya 2006 
  • The ‘Real’ Aglarond
  • Dent de Crolles
  • Rose Cottage Update
  • Spanish Adventures
  • Hutton Update
  • Hutton Wood Mine
  • The Caves of Sandbay
  • West Horrington Shaft
  • New Providence Mine
  • Ian Dear Memorial Fund
  • Vale – John Cornwell
  • plus Club news
If your not a member then we will release the information in 12 months. You could of course try and join the BEC or have a look in you're own club library (if you have one)...