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Hut Building Weekend

Over the weekend of the 4/5 February work restarted on the Tackle Store extension to the Belfry. All the timber and most of the fixings had been delivered during the week ready for a big push to get the roof started. On Saturday a number of Belfryites including Dany, Tyrone, Mike W, Hasket, Madphil, Toby and Henry B put up the timber for the ceiling / attic room floor and prepared the ground to get some of the roof up the next day.


On Sunday work started early but they were stopped from getting the roof rafters up due to some block work that needed doing first. Unfortunately it was too cold for using cement to complete this.

A skip had also been organised and a huge amount of junk and debris was chucked in it. As a final topping out the Belfry “diggers” trailer was ceremoniously dumped upside down to cap the load off. Hilary W also spent a considerable amount of time cleaning up the inside of the hut.

It is hoped to get the remaining block work done in the next few days and the roof timberwork finished.