Charterhouse Caving Events Week

Monday 12th - Friday 16th December

In conjunction with local cavers Charterhouse is proud to present a week of caving events and keynote speakers to celebrate this local way of life.

Mendip is nationally important for its tradition of underground exploration and the area has a rich history of caving endeavours. The pioneering spirit continues today with local cavers pushing forward the frontiers of this fascinating sport in the depths of the Mendip countryside.

Each evening they  will be hosting a caving related talk and presentation.

Evening Activities: Lecture: A History of Swildon's Hole by Dave Irwin

Event no.:31
Description: An illustrated lecture coinciding with a major new publication by one of the foremost Mendip caving clubs, Wessex, celebrating over a hundred years of exploration in Mendip's longest cave system.

Evening Activities: Talk: Mendip Rescue Organisation - Cave Rescue on Mendip

Event no.:33
Description: An insight into the techniques and team work behind successful underground rescues.
Cost:£4.00 (donated to the Cave Rescue fund)

Evening Activities: A Lecture on Cave-Diving by John Volanthen

Event no.:36

Caving: Try Caving! - An Introduction to Caving Adventure

Event no.:34
Description: An opportunity for complete newcomers to experience this exhilarating activity.
Venue:Meet in the classroom at the Charterhouse Centre.
Start time:5.30pm
Finish time:8.00pm
Bring:Bring loose-fitting warm clothes, wellington boots.