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Dear BEC Member, 

In celebration of 70 years of the Bristol Exploration Club there is to be a BBQ at The Belfry on July 9th 2005 and all members are welcome.  There will be the usual refreshments i.e. barrel(s) and it is hoped that there will be several exhibits detailing the past history of the club and its members.  We have found a supplier of tankards who is offering free engraving including a motto.  T shirts, etc. are also available (contact Tyrone Bevan).

Although it is a month earlier than required it is the time of year when consideration must be given to next years committee.  Nominations should have a proposer and be seconded.  It is vitally important that the person nominated wants to serve the committee and doesn’t decide to drop out within a couple of months.  This is an unfair burden on the remaining committee who have to carry out extra duties to compensate.  It should be stressed, once again that nominees stand for committee and not individual posts.  Nominations should reach the Honorary Secretary by the end of the first week of September at the address in the letter.

June 2005 - from Vince Simmonds, Hon Secretary - be sent to all members.