Mendip Rescue Organisation - Practice Rescue

Swildons Hole - 22nd April

A full days activities are being arranged by Gonzo starting at 8:30am and finishing with a debrief in the Hunters.

A full surface/control exercise in ALL Surface Procedures (including logistics, radios, press, liaising with other rescue services, how to manage people on standby etc.)
Start: Practice (not live) call out to all wardens and clubs 8.30 am:
Underground 9.30am (kit will be taken down early to sump 1)
Exercise to be broken into 2 halves and to include monitoring of the casualty etc. - those not taking part underground or just wanting to do half a day underground can participate in the surface control/heyphones etc.:
9.30 - 1.00 Sump 1 to top of pitch.
Pitch to be rigged by senior (aged!) wardens in the conventional manner.
1.00 Lunch for those who want it, aim to carry on at 2.30pm.
2.30 From BOTTOM of pitch out - Pitch to be rigged by the new wardens in the way that they see fit - exercise including standing down rescuers, returning kit, passing medical info on to ambulance crew etc.
8pm debrief at Hunters.