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Vertical Range



 18 0'44.05 N


122 2'15.62 E 

Alternative Name



area 51


Entrance Description

Dry stream bed leads straight into a 5m pitch.


Passage went back under the pitch, down two pitches (free-climbs) to a second pitch of 14m. Passage continues round to a large chamber half-full of mud. An aven above the mud continued for another 6m. The main route decreases in size and is full of stones. There is a side passage on the right which is also full of mud and stones after about 10m.


1st pitch: 5m rope + sling for natural

2nd pitch: y-hang off natural and spit bolt on the left.


Cave ends in a too tight constriction in the stream way


Paul Fairman, Hannah Bennett, Henry Bennett, Rob Bruce, Mitch Bruce


2015-04-17 one visit

S1 (Follow Stream 1) Henry  B (duiary), Rob Bruce, Mitch Bruce, Paul Fairman, Hannah Bennett, surface team DJ, Arvin Quinto.

After a certain amount of faffing we departed camp at 13:30 with the plan to visit the streams seen between camp and C1 along the road.  Just beyond Romeo’s cave the road rises and in the following dip we jumped off the road to the north (left) and followed a stream for about 400m.  To begin with the was water flowing in the stream (low flow rate – maybe 1 or 2 litres per second). After about 250m the we left the stream to shortcut across a clearing.  When we cut though the bush back to the stream the water had disappeared.  We followed the now dry stream bed which dropped down a couple of dry climbs and entered a small doline with a cave entrance which went immediately to a short climb.

Rob Bruce went to find a GPS signal and Henry cut into the next doline which looked like it had another cave in it.  This turned out to be bolder choked.  Rob eventually got a GPS reading on the dry streamway about 50m from the entrance and Henry and Rob surveyed back to the entrance. 

The entrance pitch had been rigged by Paul using a short section of 7mm rope off a tape around a natural and was about 7m. A small chamber approx. 6m round at the bottom had three ways off.  Two were high level dry and muddy. Rob and Henry surveyed the right hand (looking from the pitch) passage first which quickly became quite complex with one end going back to the surface but blocked by a boulder and the other end going to an eyehole through which you can see the top of the pitch.  As well as the usual whip scorpions and crickets there was also a 6 inch tarantula with a massive brood of eggs/baby spiders underneath it sitting on the wall.  Being environmentally minded we didn’t get too close to find out.

The other high level passage went to a t junction with the left hand side going into a small crawlway which we followed until it got too tight but could likely be forced if enthusiastic.  The other was joined back in with the main active passage.

The main route out of the first chamber followed down a dry but clearly active stream way in the rainy season.  After a couple of easy climbs a pitch was met which Paul had rigged with a couple of naturals and a bolt.  This was aprox 12m deep and landed in a promising bit of passage.  This was followed around a corner and down a small calcite climb into a much bigger chamber with large mud banks on either side of the streambed.  To the rights a climb up the mud bank and into a small side chamber with a large aven.

Back at the stream bed the streamway exited the chamber and after a short distance the floor met the ceiling.  A very narrow gap could be seen contining but was only about 3 inches high.  There was also a small passage which went off to the right near the mud chamber which was followed until a large spider was met and it closed down.

The area below the pitch was surveyed by Henry and Paul while the others waited under the first pitch.  We exited in the dark and returned to camp happy. 


area51 pitch 2

Second pitch

area 51 near end

Chamber right before the crawlways at the end (where it got too tight)