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We are Underground Enthusiasts

Experience the underground like you never have before with the Bristol Exploration Club 

The Bristol Exploration Club (BEC) is one of the major caving clubs in the United Kingdom. We cater for all forms of caving from novice trips, through sporting, through to advanced digging techniques. 

Besides venturing into the great indoors we tend to be a sporty group and many of our members waste their time by climbing, mountain biking, and consuming vast quantities of Potholer in the Hunters Lodge.

Explorer Mendip

There are some amazing places to see.
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Be Happy

Happy shiny people.
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We have regular parties and an annual dinner.
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Away Trips

Visit out of the way places like underneath the Bath Spa.
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Get Off the Couch

Are you an active person bored of the humdrum traditional sports?
Join the Bristol Exploration Club in a range of activities.

Never been caving?

Find out all about the sport!.
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Do I need lots of expensive kit?

Initial gear costs are very modest. A helmet, light and wellies ...What to wear


Find out more about what we can offer and the benefits of becoming a member.
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Used to be a member?

The BEC still has lots to offer.
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See what we wear

Check out our interactive guide.
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Never been caving?

See how the Bristol Exploration Club can help you get undergroundTry Caving


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How do I join?

What to know more about joining the BEC? Membership

Stay at the Belfry

Booking a stay at the Belfry is simple and a great place to base your groups caving from.
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Cosy Common Room

Relax after a days caving in our well equipped common roomThe Table


Find out about the early days of the Club.
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Need Gear?

Our members have access to a large well equipped gear store. Gear Freak

Example Slide

The Belfry is well equipped for groups of cavers. Get a tour of the hut.
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Stay at the Belfry

The ideal place to stay while caving on Mendip. The Belfry

Well Stocked Store

Our gear is available to all our members to use.
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A warm welcome awaits

Catering to Mendip Cavers for over 75 years Our Roots
The Belfry is the ideal place to stay on Mendip. We have guest cave keys available, are a short walk to the pub and a stay costs less than the local camp site.
“I couldn't have met so many nutters, characters, pissheads and selfless, generous rough diamonds in any other walk of life. Keep on digging.”
- Tony Jarratt

Swildons Hole Sump 6

Get beyond the sumps with the help of the Cave Diving Group .

Cave Straws

Cloud Chamber in Dan Yr Ogof, South Wales.

Buying Equipment

Relax after a trip and buy some caving related gear.

Marvel at Formations

White Pit in Priddy has spectacular formations.

Swildons Hole

A classic Mendip cave experienced in very wet conditions.

The Frozen Deep

A jewel in the heart of Mendip.

Cave Life

Be aware of giants hiding around the corner.

Classic Welsh Caves

Bakerloo Straight in Dan Yr Ogof beyond the show cave.

Rescue Practice

Cavers rescue cavers and we practice being safe.

Underground Cooking

Taking a break in Otter Hole.  A cave explored by the BEC.
The Bristol Exploration Club is one of the best clubs in the country