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I have now received 2 letters (emails actually but any communication with the editor will do). Here they are:

From Vince Simmonds


Having read the latest BB I am more than a little pi**** off that you take it on yourself to suggest that we might need assis tance at Hallowe'en Rift. Let me make it clear that, if and when we require any help then we will ask for it ourselves, until then we are more than happy to continue with the team we have. I don't recall that we have interfered with your teams antics at Reservoir Hole, and have the decency to spell my name correctly!

Vince Simmonds

(For those who read the last BB it’s clearly not worth contacting the Halloween diggers! The latest Reservoir update deals wi th
Vince’s second comment. Sorry about the typo, Vince, you lost a ‘d’ and I usually gain an ‘e’! I have also discussed these
issues with Vince more recently - Ed. )

From Liz Jeanmaire

Picture on last page is Wooding, Dave Savage, Martin Grass, Fish & I don't know the 5th person.

It was in the marquee put up inside the Mill at Wookey hole for the Anniversary dinner in I can't remember what year late
1990s, perhaps? and I can't get at stuff to look it up because of the builders.

(She is absolutely right—its 1996 and if anybody knows the name of the fifth man perhaps they can tell me—Ed.)