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Reservoir Hole 13th update

by Peter Glanvill

Things have gone a bit quiet in the cave for the time being with few working trips being made during August and September owing to the absence of Nick (Old Ruminator) Chipchase. However a fair number of tourists have been in, marvelled, taken photos and gone away. We keep a log in the chamber of all visitors.

The Silo and Jill’s Slither have remained unvisited apart from spoil clearance from the Silo dig back to Grand Gallery with some re excavation of the approaches. Contrary to what some individuals might think we are not averse to offers of help. Some of the core team are retired and chose to dig in the day time simply because they live more than an hour’s drive from the hill. However the Silo would make an ideal evening dig for a small team of 3 or 4 and is only 20 minutes caving from the entrance. If any leaders from the club are interested they should make themselves known to Martin Grass. I know Estelle seemed quite positive and Henry Dawson was keen at one stage. The Silo has had the blessing of Mendip’s own cave geomorphologist Andy Farrant so there is everything to play for.

In the Frozen Deep Nick and Nigel have methodically worked round the walls spraying ‘smoke’ from a canister of Magican (available from Maplins). This pleasantly scented mist is cool so neutral in a draught and is ideal for detecting draughts. They found that there was really only one place where the draught was highly apparent and this was some way to the east of the entrance of Pickwick Passage on the southern wall. A dig (Magic Smoke Dig) was there fore started between the boulders and the wall, conveniently right beside the taped path. It has so far dropped 3 metres to a mud floor and a cool draught blows down the diggers necks. Unfortunately the floor currently consists of fine silt so we suspect some zig zagging downwards will be required to reach the cave that must exist below and beyond.

Skyfall may also receive attention at some stage. It draughts well but there are issues with digging upwards!