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Editorial October 2013

Well, here we are with another BB. It’s a pretty full issue this time and if you are bored with reading the stuff I have written then contribute some of your own work!

I’d like to start by congratulating Stuart and Hels Gardiner on their recent marriage. I gather a fine time was had by all the wedding and I hope they enjoy New Zealand as much as we did—just hope they like the camper van company we recommended.

The AGM and dinner have now passed so I hope everybody got their subs in in time and if not this is a reminder. The AGM was fairly well attended and I would like to say that Bob Cork did a superb job of chairing the meeting — one of the best I have ever seen. You can do it again next year Bob—if you want to.

Without going into detail it was good to hear club members airing their feelings and I hope their views will be respected in the coming year. We have a really good mix of individuals on the committee from old hands to new young bloods and they would like your support. At the end of the BB Bill Comlbey kicks off with a potted biography.

As you know we are an exploration club. I would dearly like more features on the digs that club members are involved with even if its only a few lines. I am thinking of Toothache, Home Close, and Halloween in particular but know of several other sites. Photos are always welcome of course. I know some people keep blogs and logs but a Journal record is quite nice for posterity.

I might as well mention the Jrat Digging award evening on 16th November this year as this BB should reach you by then. As some of you will know the venue has been switched back to the Hunters after being planned for Priddy Village Hall. One reason was the organizers were unsure how much attendance there would be this year. Having got involved in the proceedings I think this year’s format may encourage more participation and if it does then we might have a case for moving to a larger venue. The plan is to invited diggers to give a brief presentation on their particular site so that an audience can get an idea as to what is happening across the whole of Mendip. Teams that would like assistance can then also promote their dig and advertise their favoured day or evening. It should make the evening far more interesting and more in keeping with Tony’s enthusiasm for digs in general—not just his own.

This month you can learn how to get your digging spoil out, what happens in Assynt every April/May and something about the history of a well know Devon show cave amongst other things. Read on.

BB548 055 

Bob lays down the law
BB548 058
AGM attendees—what a happy bunch