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1349m + 700m of lost data

Vertical Range



18 0'48.40 N


122 2'16.40 E 

Alternative Name

none nut Lumio also drops into Romeo


Romeo small


The other side of the road from our camp an obvious stream enters a cave.  Simply follow the stream for 90m.

Entrance Description










Romeo Cave (Ruth Allan, Laura Benn, Hellie Brooke, Rich Smith) Explored 50m of c. 5m wide passage to an 8m pitch, dodging birds, large toads in addition to the usual wildlife. Rigged the pitch with three hand bolts and a natural (several issues with tackle so this took a lot of time). Discovered the pitch was a large calcite mass (very pretty). Took some photos. The pitch chamber led into a large void which dropped 17m to a water; beyond was a rock bridge with another pitch beyond. Surveyed 73m total.

 Romeos Hole – Friday 17th April (Rufus Allan, Rich Smith, Hellie Brooke, Rob Adams, Laura Benn, Ranger)

After an unsuccessful day the previous day, we went back to Romeos Hole to explore the cave passage we had left due to not having enough equipment. Hellie started off by drilling and rigging the pitch which consisted of an approximate 8 meter pitch, then a traverse around a pool and then a further 4 meter pitch into a pool. The pitch had some nasty rub points and some off the rock had a habbit of dropping off the wall when we weren’t expecting it. The cave continued on after the pitches with walking passage but very few side passages and lots of bats and swifts. However, the cave soon came to what we thought was a dead end but after moving a few logs we found a duck. Rufus braved the duck first and found that the walking passage continued again much to our excitement. The passage continued though a well decorated area, with all of it walking but intermixed with a few short free climbable pitches. There were also a few side passages along the way we noted down to be explored at a later date.  After running out of time and an impeding call out approaching we returned back to camp after competing 90 survey points that day. We ended the day at some deep gour pools with continuing passage ahead.

 Romeo Hole (Robert Adams, Helen Brooke, Rich Smith, Ruth Allan)

Went back to the end of our lead at 1/100 and went around 25 meters and found a pitch that is 9 meters and another drop can be seen beyond that. So with no rope left in camp we headed backwards towards the surface and hellie took some pictures on route we met up with other at the bottom of the pitches. Although not a lot was  done we still have a good leed to return to.

Romeo Day 4 Ruth Allan, Stu Gardiner, Lucy Greenwood, Rich Smith –

returned to push into the large void we saw beyond the pitch that had stopped us the day before. Hellie and Rob lent us their drill (thanks) so we could spend more time exploring rather than hand bolting. Stu rigged the pitch whilst the other three surveyed the short distance since the end of the previous survey.

The pitch was dropped and we were wowed by the sheer size of the chamber – but hopes of massive ongoing passage were soon dashed as Lucy realized it was a geological rift. Stu named it Helm’s Deep. It is quite impressively high and intimidatingly dark and jagged with two huge pillars. Rich had his work cut out doing book and thought it a bit of a baptism of fire.

There appeared to be only one exit from Helm’s Deep. This is past some flowstone into a much smaller passage. However, it had an enormous draught. This led to a tricky muddy climb which we handlined with polyprop rope and then eventually to another pitch.

We decided to cut the 50m rope rigged on the pitch into Helm’s Deep to rig this pitch and descended to a large and pretty lake chamber with a high aven above. It had a small gour pool in one corner like a pulpit and fantastic acoustics so we named it the Cathedral. Rufus swam the lake to find that beyond was another pitch, estimated at 12m which we didn’t have time to rig.

Romeo’s Hole – 18th (Stu Gardiner, Lucy Greenwood, Laura Benn, Steven Fairman)

After a successful trip on the 17th, our group returned to explore leads off of the main passage that were not looked into the day before. After descending the second pitch, a higher level passage in the opposite direction to the main passage was explored. The passage soon lowered into a large section of dry gour pools and stalactites, eventually closing down after a low wide crawl. Returning to the main passage, we followed the main passage to a fork past the duck, consisting of two passages of good size. Following the unexplored, the passage became smaller with large amounts of washed debris. A fork lead to a wet passage on the left and a climb over a calcite flow to a higher level chamber. The wet passage was followed, leading into a lake with sump and a passage across on the left. This was followed to two small passages. Both lead back to the main route, with one consisting of a canal with sumps leading to the stream sink discovered the day before, the other ending in a crawl through a wood pile leading back to the start of the main divergence. Several photos were taken en route back to the entrance.

2015-04-20 Romeo’s Hole Robert Adams, Hellie Brooke

Entered the cave planning to tick off the 11 QM’s left on the way to the end of the main way on in Romeo’s Hole. The first task was to look down a 74m low passage starting at the end of the 2nd pitch. Crawling on beyond the final survey station in a wide gravel bedding plane the passage opened up to show a large rock. Around the left of this the passage increased in height further to standing height.

An area of spelotherms to the left gave access to a large rift chamber well decorated with flow stone. The main way on lowered back to crawling size before opening back up to another cross rift chocked at both ends with calcite. However, ducking under at ground level on the right hand side gave access to a tight tube which continued to a low bedding chamber with sand and gravel beaches.

Crawling over the beach gave access to yet another calcite chamber with a small hole that provided access to a calcited rift. A wedged log was moved to gain access to the final chamber / cross passage which was blocked with clean washed pebbles at either end adding over 400m to the finished side passage!

Romeo cave- Hellie Brooke and Rob Adams

We went back to look at side passages and it was very quik as Hellie sliped and banged her hip. So turn around and spent the afternoon having a picnic with laura.


Romeo Cave – Steven Fairman, Mitchell Bruce, Henry and Hannah Bennett

Went for a simple photography trip taking pictures along the way and down the second pitch, from there Steven and Mitch carried along down the second pitch past the re-belays and into the bottom chamber from there they had a quick look round then headed up to join Hannah and Henry at the entrance.

Romeo cave. Hellie Brooke. Ruth Allan. Mitchell Bruce 

We started off by checking a passage that was previously looked at but not surveyed it looked promising but after approx 100m it craped out in mud with a few small stall, the second lead that we looked at had already been looked at but not surveyed it started in the pool where the second pitch ended not a big passage crawling most of the way with one duck but also ended with a tight climb, are last lead was a climb to some top passage, when at the top we came to what would be another pitch but will need rigging.

 Romeo – Hellie, Mitch, Rich, Rufus and Steven

In need of a simpler day a photography trip was on giving Hellie a chance to play with her new toys, following the usual faffiness of the expedition so far we stumbled into Romeo and began taking photos from the top of the first pitch after each member got a chance to have their moment to shine. The next plan was for a large photo from the bottom of the second pitch to the top feature Rich, Rufus, Mitch after various attempts the final photo came out really well. From there a series of other photos were taking each of us taking turns being the model slash photo-monkey. We eventually arrived at are intended destination the duck where after a rigged game of rock paper scissors between Steven, Rich and Rufus, Steven was tasked with going through the duck to hold the flash on the other side after multiple photos we were all happy and Mitch had a photo to show off to people when he got back home, From there we headed back to the second picture and began to plan another photo this time Rich was at the top of the pitch and had another photo taken this time giving him a chance to look sexy tiger, From there we left and headed back out after a satisfied photography trip.


romeo entrance

The entrance to Romeo

remeo pitch 1

Pitch 1

remeo pitch 1 mitch

Mitch on his way up pitch 1

romeo under pitch 2

Beneath the 2nd pitch

romeo passage

Romeo passageway