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86m + approx 400m+ unsurveyed

Vertical Range

10m + ~60m unsurveyed


18 1'46.04 N (visual estimate from Google Earth)


122 1'45.80 E visual estimate from Google Earth)

Alternative Name


pio pot





Entrance Description




The cave was left at a 40m+ pitch into a very large passage which we expect to be Blue Water.


Hannah Bennett, Henry Bennett, Rob Bruce


Pio’s Pot – HenryB, Hannah, Rob Bruce 22/04/15

After realizing that the cave we had planned to do was actually the same one as the one Dawson was planning for, we chose to investigate a nearby cave which Pio was talking about.  Just past the turn off for BlueWater sink on the other side of the road a side logging track goes past a quarry and was followed for another 400ish meters to a jump off point.  Pio ferried us there one by one.  Hannah fell off twice and Henry once.

The cave was supposed to be walking, well decorated and dry and turned out to be mainly wet and stooping height with lots of stall to snag your back.  Hannah and Rob surveyed while Henry went to rig a pitch at around 100m.  We were joined by Ranger and DJ who waited at the pitch.  Henry placed a bolt in good rock by which time Hannah had completed the survey and rigged the first section of the pitch.

Descending 10 feet to a large ledge a second bolt was placed but sunk into a layer of calcite when hammered home.  Hannah came down the pitch to give a second opinion and agreed that the best wall for a bolt didn’t have a good  site.  The opposite wall was investigated and left for another day.